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Empowering teachers and supporting English learners with one ingenious app.



Language Muse is an NLP-based educational platform for teachers working with U.S. students who face the challenge of learning English as their second language. It automatically generates ready-to-use language activities based on texts provided by the teacher-users. In this project, 10Clouds took care of design and web development. To improve the UI, we created user journeys, personas profiles, test scenarios, and conducted usability studies.


Design, Web Development




ETS contacted us to help them build a product supporting U.S. teachers who face a difficult challenge. Apart from teaching their own subject, they also need to help students build the academic English-language skills needed for deeper reading comprehension in Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts.

To solve this problem, in collaboration with education and computer science researchers at ETS, we’ve developed an educational platform that helps create learning materials based on content related to the original subject - Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.


U.S. teachers face a difficult challenge. Apart from teaching their own subject, they also need to help their international students build the academic English-language skills needed for deeper reading comprehension in Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.


Language Muse Helps teachers to create and assign writing and reading activities that support english learners and struggling readers. After uploading text, Language Muse processes it in a second and automatically generates activities to select from. It also has a text library build in and let users filter it by tags. Students can be grouped into classes, which allows teachers to efficiently manage them and track their progress.

The Design Process

Our goal was to improve the app's UI for a more intuitive experience and boost the efficiency of student learning. To achieve this, we took time to go through product development stages, such as:
  • User journey creation
  • Personas/user profiles
  • Usability studies
  • Test scenarios

Key functionalities

For designing and developing new features we needed to focus on the needs of both teachers and students using the app. Our goal was to diminish decision fatigue, maintain the space for creativity for the teachers and generate high-quality learning materials perfectly adapted to students’ capabilities.

Online activity checks

Online activity checks

Teachers are able to track students’ progress quickly and easily with automatic activity checks. The results of each test are saved in the platform, which enables an instant comparison of previous and current test results. This helps teachers make better decisions about next steps in the education program.

Activity level aligned automatically

Activity level aligned automatically

Teachers don’t need to worry whether the educational materials come out too easy or too difficult compared with the source text. Generated activities are automatically aligned with reading standards. Teachers can also compose activities on their own to fully respond to students’ needs and preferences.

Creating classes

Creating classes

Teachers create classes with separate accounts for all students. Student list can be composed on the website from scratch or imported from Excel or Open Office files. Users need an unique token for first login. Accounts let them solve reading activities and give them access to their grades.

What's next?

At this point, ETS Language Muse can generate individual exercises. The goal for further product development is to create complete tests based on one source text. It was our first collaboration with ETS, but not the last! Things between ETS and 10Clouds went so well that we moved on to build more products together.


design mockups


types of activates


tasks in jira



Working with 10clouds has been a great experience! Their expertise in front-end design and back-end development has allowed us to build a great resource that teachers find really useful in their classrooms. They are reliable, flexible, really easy to communicate with, and always meet deadlines.

Jill Burstein

Jill Burstein

Director of Research at ETS

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Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development

Case study image


Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development

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