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The initial plan for our work was to build an app which managed ARROE’s powerbank, which is one part of its business. Here, the main aim was to enable the end user to have control of individual charging sources (USB-C, USB-A, Wireless, DC).

During the project process, ARROE shifted its approach away from the LAER, its powerbank, to a user device manager with information about the charge level on different devices.



Our challenge

Our new challenge was to create an app in which the user can have many devices added, many ARROE power banks with the ability to control them all individually. They should also be able to monitor the charge level of their devices, including phones, laptops and headphones.

How we made it happen

The end result was an app which enabled all of the above. Some great features included:

- A reminder that users should charge devices that are low on battery when they return home (checking device battery level and location).
- A laptop charger scanner that can scan the required voltage and current to charge a given laptop model using the phone's camera and text recognition.

The technologies that we used in the project:

- Flutter for creating cross-platform applications for iOS and Android
- Communication with devices via Bluetooth
- Geofencing
- Firebase ML Text recognition

“It was really fascinating working on ARROE’s platform, which we know will be a very useful product to many people who work on the go. Communication with the team was always of a high quality and it was interesting to see how the original scope evolved to cover a range of new features.”

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