Blockchain decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising.


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Adshares is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. Adshares uses blockchain to connect Publishers and Advertisers and let them make direct deals using the ADST.

10Clouds redesigned the landing page, is developing the Adserver and provides the development of applications interacting with their custom built ESC blockchain.


Product Design
Front-End Development

Our challenge

Lack of transparency and increasing centralization are alarming trends in digital marketing. The most popular advertising platforms tend to charge high fees and censor unwanted content. Advertisers often have to deal with malicious traffic, while publishers have their revenue reduced by users who block advertisements.

How we made it happen

Adshares is a peer-to-peer platform that eliminates the middlemen in the advertising process. Advertisers only pay for ads after analyzing traffic sources, and publishers always have the ability to choose the most suitable ads for their websites and devices. This makes Adshares transparent and flexible to both parties involved. Ads provided via Adshares are difficult to track by AdBlockers, and the fee is just 0,1% of transaction value — which positively affects costs and revenue.

Key functionalities

Blockchain Payments

Transactions on Adshares are handled by Adshares tokens. The payments are based on ESC (Enterprise Service Chain) tool, which provides two-step verification and supports over 8 million transactions per day. If the user loses his wallet key, he can block all further payments.

Smooth User Experience

The smooth registration process consists of two steps. Publishers can precisely define parameters of ads they want to display, and setting up a campaign targeted at the most desired audience is fairly easy. Both sides have access to transparent dashboards

AdBlockers and Fraud Resistance

Paying publishers after ad impressions gives advertisers time to evaluate the traffic. Publishers are also protected - they can report unfair advertisers to the Blockchain reputation database. Ads can be served from independent servers, so ad blockers may face problems detecting them.

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10Clouds AI Assistant

10Clouds Assistant is a powerful tool that can collect data from company handbooks, employee information, project details, and more to provide instant feedback. The process of creating this tool involved several stages, such as downloading data from the Confluence API and saving it to a PostgreSQL database. Next, we cleared the data of HTML tags and added it to Pinecone using Llama-index, a library for importing data. Our AI tool can quickly and accurately provide users with the information they need, making it an invaluable asset for any organization.

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