Track the quality of the air you breathe


    Smogdog is a mobile app created by 10Clouds to generate awareness of the effects of highly polluted air. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulates, and many other air pollutants form smog – the environmental nightmare hanging over many European cities. The smog levels frequently breach the statutory limits, especially in the winter. SmogDog can help you take action, particularly when it comes to protecting those with existing respiratory conditions. It includes native ML models to predict air pollution and it’s absolutely free to use.

    Project Name







    Mobile App

    Our challenge

    One of our values at 10Clouds is humanism and we wanted to create an app that would help people stay healthy and be aware of the changing levels of pollutants in the air that they breathe. In Warsaw, where our HQ is based, and in many other cities around the world, pollution is an everyday problem. The app aims to raise awareness and help users to take action at the appropriate time.

    How we made it happen

    Our design team created a lightweight UI which was made live by the development team. Further down the line, we added Machine Learning functionality to Smogdog to enable users to predict air pollution in their location in the near future, and to take action accordingly.

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