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What is Banking of the Future?

Banking of the future is a community of financial sector experts focussed on solving pressing business pains. In joining us you:

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Focus of Banking of the Future Edition 2:
Redefining Foreign Payments for Business

The present situation: Companies of all sizes often seek various solutions in their foreign-trade-related business activities. Yet only a small part of what they need is provided by financial institutions. Such solutions are often limited to cross- border payments and currency conversion.

The challenge: The lack of broader provision, and the fragmentation of these foreign trade services makes conducting international business much more complex. It also increases risk and may result in wasted efforts and financial loss.

Our goal: To analyse foreign trade activity and explore solution(s) that support businesses, connect fragmented services, improve speed and lead to better ways of conducting business across borders

Members of the Banking of the Future Edition 2

Krzysztof Sobala

Principal, Vice president at Mastercard Data & Services

Adam Spławski

Principal, Delivery Cluster Lead at Mastercard Data & Services

Marcin Kopczyński

Managing Consultant at Mastercard Advisors

Aleksandar Kleindopp

Strategic Partnrships DACH

Marcin Misztal

Head of Central and Eastern Europe

Marcin Napiórkowski

Division Head Capital Markets Corporates & Retail Sales at Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

Anna Klimek

Business Development Leader at Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Alexandru Suica

Product Owner Currency Conversions Squad at Raiffeisen Bank Romania

James Butland

VP of Financial Partnerships UK & EU

Vivien Cheung

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Michał Hojowski

Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets Department, BNP Paribas Poland

Agnieszka Durlej

Dyrektor Biura Sprzedaży Rynków Finansowych

Karol Stępień

Head of FinTech and Banking

The Foreign payments challenges we’re addressing

Lack of transparency
Fee levels and transparency is something that many are missing when interacting with financial institutions.
Fragmented service providers
Different elements of foreign trade are conducted by different institutions, leading to fragmentation and resulting inefficiencies and risks.
Insufficient experience
Insufficient knowledge and experience may cause problems with the profitability of specific deals or even generate losses.
Lack of clarity
Financial instruments are often unclear, or provided in an inconvenient form, from an explanation, application and documentation perspective.
Currency volatility
Numerous incoming and outgoing payments for different dates make conducting business morecomplex. It’s significantly more difficult to predict future cash flow.

Working in Design Sprint 2.0

Our workshops are conducted using Design Sprint 2.0. The major benefit of adopting this methodology is the speed in which decisions are reached. It cuts through the unnecessary admin generated by some other UX processes such as:

  • Numerous presentation decks and documentation
  • Yo-yoing back and forth during feedback cycles
  • Lack of approval from senior decision-makers until very late in the day

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Karol Stępień · Head of FinTech and Banking

Past topics of focus
2020 Think Tank: How Technology
Can Improve Financial Industry Processes

Our focus was on tech innovation in financial services. We found that increased client expectations, emerging challenger banks and falling financial industry profits are causing financial institutions to seek new, more flexible and cost effective business setups. We explored several solutions, which you can read about below.

Workshop 1


Throughout the workshop, we collaboratively decided that our main focus area should be on designing a solution that supports businesses with daily operational tasks. We came up with a number of potential solutions, but the winning one was Pay-by-factoring — a solution that focuses on improving the experience of digital invoicing.

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Workshop 2

Focused on client needs

We decided that our main area of focus for the second workshop should be on introducing a virtual branch for business customers and ensuring a satisfying customer journey. Our winning solution was a banking app that predicts client’s needs, instantaneously responding to feedback and creating a fully personalized digital service.

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Onboarding for banking customers

The customer experience at leading banks and fintechs is undergoing a revolution. Technological innovation has brought with it a whole wave of changes, meaning that account holders can perform a whole range of tasks which could previously only be done in-branch. But how can banks and FinTechs get the client onboarding experience right? We delve into the subject with two experts.

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