Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. In the last two years Vue has become one of main players in the JavaScript framework ecosystem.


The main uses of Vue:

Creating frontend mobile applications with e.g. NativeScript-Vue

Creating frontend web applications

01 It’s fast and small

Rendering is as fast or sometimes faster than in React or Angular. Less data to download means faster loading times.

02 Low entry level

It’s an easy framework to get into and developer friendly. It provides an easy learning curve and requires no extra knowledge.

03 Vast ecosystem

Vue has a vast ecosystem of optional libraries that support Ant Design, Material Design, State Management, Reactive Programming & more. Many of those are created by Vue core team.

04 Scalable

Vue can handle small landing pages as well as complex apps. It’s easy to scale it from smaller to larger app and other way around.

05 Great documentation, helpful community

Potential framework related problems can be resolved fast.


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“Vue is designed to be a highly flexible library, offering tools for building interactive web interfaces around ideas such as modularity and reactive data flow. As its name suggests, it is focused on the view layer only and therefore is easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects. It’s also highly scalable, which is great news for when it comes to growing your digital product.”
Bartek Bilejczyk
Front-end developer