React Native

At 10Clouds, we’ve worked using React Native for several years and have a number of projects behind our belt which use this technology, ranging in size and scope. They include both large-scale apps used by hundreds of thousands of users, and small products serving solopreneurs with a handful of clients. We’ve built shared codebases with web counterparts in React - a path which also turned out to be strong with React Native. The framework has established its position in the mobile ecosystem and is still evolving to meet business needs.


The main uses of React Native:

Apps that have similar web counterpart so we can share code between them

Cross platform apps that have more native integrations

Apps with extensive need of over the air updates

01 Cross Platform

Ability to share 1 codebase between iOS and Android.

02 Huge JS community

with lots of 3rd party libraries to choose from.

03 Possibility to share code

with web counterparts since it shares the same base with React.

04 Over the air updates

so we can deploy fixes quickly.


Devs skilled in this technology


Projects in which it's been used


of lines of code

“One of the best things about React Native is that it uses a single codebase shared between iOS and Android, which saves on development time and therefore cost. The framework is also constantly evolving to meet business needs.”
Patryk Mierzejewski
Senior Mobile Developer