Our team consists of specialists who have worked in industries from tech to finance and telecoms. We leverage Cloud-based solutions to bring your digital product from idea to release.

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Why choose 10Clouds?

Once your product is finished, we make sure it's ready to run in production in a reliable way.

We use the Cloud to provide you with a strategic advantage

We understand that you want to get your product to the market ahead of the competition. We can support you to do this by providing a CI/CD process tailored to your needs, while keeping the infrastructure costs optimal.

We ensure reliability

Reliability is of paramount importance to your clients. We offer you Infrastructure as code, with Site Reliable Engineering (SRE), which gives you greater ease of usage, consistency and accountability.

We remove technical obstacles

We help you realise your business goals without worrying about obstacles. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a hundred or a million clients - we prepare your website for high traffic. Importantly we will you solve business problems quicker.

We leave more time for innovation

Because our streamlined processes lead to improved efficiency, we are left with more time for proactively brainstorming and helping you to further improve your digital product. We give you the support you need to further drive your business forward.

The process of our work

The development phase is only the beginning of the DevOps process. We communicate closely with you throughout all stages of our work to ensure you always know what’s going on:


Infrastructure as code

  • Planning based on requirements
  • Construction of the first version of the architecture
  • Verification and modification
  • Rapid setup of multiple environments
  • Ensuring accountability, as the shape of your infrastructure is defined in the code

CI/CD processes

  • Getting to know the project stack
  • Containerization of the services
  • Preparation of the process pipeline
  • Tests and analysis
Work with us

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

The delivery of your digital product does not mean the end of our relationship. In fact, we realize that many of the best products are in a constant phase of development. That’s why we provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to suit your requirements.

  • Monitoring
    • We tailor our monitoring and alerts system to your business needs
    • We build automated systems to monitor your app remotely
  • Maintenance
    • We provide you with 24/7 support through phone, email and Slack
    • We cover issues relating to infrastructure, app configuration, code and much more

Infrastructure audit

Our infrastructure audits cover a range of areas, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Optimization of infrastructure costs by e.g. implementing containerization (Kubernetes, AWS, ECS and EKS)
  • Setting CI/CD processes in accordance with industry standards - increased efficiency and independence of development teams, faster and shorter deployment cycles for new versions
  • Audit of AWS configuration in terms of security and the implementation of good practices which you can scale up effectively as your business grows
  • Diagnosing bottlenecks in the application and implementing fixes

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