Python Development Company with Django

Python is a programming language appreciated for its readability and rich environment of open source third-party libraries and modules. The first version of the language was released in 1994, and has been actively developed since then. The current version - Python 3 - is extensively used in web applications, data science and desktop software. At 10Clouds we have a lot of experience with Python - popular Django framework is our first choice when it comes to back-end tech stack.


The main uses of Python and Django:

Task automation, automatic tests

Research - data science, statistics, machine learning etc.

Back-end of web and mobile applications

The benefits of using Python:

01 Multiple mature frameworks and libraries

such as Django (web applications), Pandas (data analysis) or Keras and TensorFlow (AI)

02 Open source licence

which is free to use even for commercial purposes

03 Easy integration

with other languages

04 Efficient extensions

including C++ and C

05 Interpreted language advantages

associated with fast prototyping and easier debugging


Devs skilled in this


Projects that it's been used in


of lines of code

“There are many reasons why Python is such a hugely popular programming language worldwide. It’s general-purpose, which means it can be used to build just about anything. It’s great for backend web development, data analysis and artificial intelligence. The possibilities with Python are endless.”
Michał Karaś
Python Developer

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