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Development 2017.05.19

Why Kotlin Is the Hero Android Needs

Piotr Kaźmierczak Android Developer 6 min read

On May 17th Google announced Kotlin as the officially supported language for Android. It was no surprise for us at 10Clouds. It’s been the most important shift in Android development since many ditched the generally…

Products 2017.05.12

Agile Will Kill Us All

Jan Ambroziewicz Product Owner 6 min read

The tech industry started treating Agile as a remedy for everything. It is not. The overall hype has pushed the deep understanding of agility to the backstage, and it was the worst move we could…

Development 2017.05.05

The Best Software Developer Conferences in 2017 in Europe

Kasia Kramnik Content Manager 3 min read

Working in the IT industry requires you to stay up to date with all of the latest and greatest information. To help full stack developers stay current within their industry Anna Warzecha, a software engineer representing the Wroclaw office of 10clouds, has created a small guide outlining the five best conferences for 2016.

Development 2017.04.19

How to Switch to Vim Without Ruining Your Workflow

Adam Florczak JavaScript Developer 5 min read

I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my coding workflow. Trying different editors and adjusting the configuration in an attempt at finding that sweet spot. I’d wanted to switch to Vim, but I could…

Products 2017.04.04

Empathy in Product Development – Let’s Talk Emotions!

Agnieszka Siedlczyńska UX Designer 6 min read

Cooperation and trust are the foundation of every strong team. To build both, all team members have to understand and accept goals, trust the process, have shared vocabulary and take responsibility for their role. It’s…

Products 2017.03.16

Underestimated Values of an Interdisciplinary Product Team

Kamil Kołodziejczyk UX Designer 3 min read

Software is no longer created by separate departments and in a sequential fashion. It’s an ongoing process led by people with various skills and areas of expertise. If you just gather a group of people…