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How to switch to Vim without ruining your workflow

Adam Florczak, JavaScript Developer Read more

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Products 2017.04.04

Empathy in product development – let’s talk emotions!

Agnieszka Siedlczyńska UX Designer 6 min read

Cooperation and trust are the foundation of every strong team. To build both, all team members have to understand and accept goals, trust the process, have shared vocabulary and take responsibility for their role. It’s…

Products 2017.03.16

Underestimated values of an interdisciplinary product team

Kamil Kołodziejczyk UX Designer 3 min read

Software is no longer created by separate departments and in a sequential fashion. It’s an ongoing process led by people with various skills and areas of expertise. If you just gather a group of people…

Company 2017.03.08

10Clouds goes global. First stop: Atlanta!

Maciej Cielecki 10Clouds CEO 2 min read

On March 8th, we opened our first international office in the Atlanta Tech Village, joining the Atlanta startup community as the first Polish full-stack software company. Not only as a business. We’re also going to…

Design 2017.03.02

Usability testing: the key to design validation

Agnieszka Siedlczyńska UX Designer 3 min read

Usability is one of the basic attributes of a product. It refers to how easy your service is to use. Testing usability is an obligatory phase in a product development process.

Development 2017.02.22

Behaviours in Xcode: the ultimate guide for iOS developers

Krzysztof Bogacz iOS Developer 3 min read

After the basic guide to Xcode published recently, I have another portion of tips and tricks for you. Today, I’ll discuss behaviours in Xcode. What they are and how to use them, with handy examples.…

Products 2017.02.15

Retrospective: why tacit knowledge is your team’s hidden gem

Katarzyna Zakrzewska Project Manager 5 min read

How can we improve? When working in the ever-changing technological environment, answering this question becomes one of the top priorities for teams and leaders. How do we become more cohesive? How can we create work…