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7 Things a Startup Should Know About Machine Learning

Łukasz Michalak, Python Developer Read more

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9 Unexpected Ways to Use the Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

Kasia Kramnik Senior Content Manager 7 min read

When thinking of the blockchain technology, many people associate it only with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – it’s a thing of the past now. Find out how versatile a blockchain can be!

Are You a Good Fit for a Front-end Developer?

Bartosz Bilejczyk Front-end Developer 6 min read

Choosing a career path, especially in IT, is difficult in the world where everything changes so quickly. Are you looking for an answer whether front-end development is a good thing for you? Let me help…

The Urban Legend of a Universal Product Design Process

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 7 min read

Managing a product design process may sound simple, but don’t be fooled. There are many ways to manage a project and observe the progress in the design process.

Though Last, Not Least in Love: a Story of a Scrum Master and a Product Owner

Anna Tenenbaum, Jan Ambroziewicz Scrum Master, Product Owner 6 min read

Traditional management failed to address one fundamental productivity issue. For your team to perform admirably, you have to take care of two separate worlds: business objectives and human well-being. And it’s a crazy difficult thing…

Frontend and JavaScript Resources for Back-end Developers

Kasia Kramnik Senior Content Manager 3 min read

Get new insight into front-end solutions and JavaScript using these tutorials, blogs and tools.

Will Vue.js Become a Giant Like Angular or React?

Bartosz Bilejczyk Front-end Developer 8 min read

Vue.js is a close partner of Angular and React in more and more article titles, taking the world by a storm. Over the last three months, Vue.js core repo GitHub stars have grown by more…

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