Flutter belongs to a new wave of cross platform frameworks. Along with React Native, it provides the long-awaited performance and user experience needed to deliver high quality results to our clients. After the first public release, we built multiple proofs of concept and decided that it’s ready to use it in production environments. We’ve now created a number of apps in this technology stack so we know its potential, as well as its limitations, but in summary, we’ve found that most business needs fit within Flutter’s capabilities.

The main uses of Flutter:

Cross-platform UI heavy apps that rely on beautiful animations and custom designs

Prototyping and pitching applications fast and at a reduced cost

General purpose mobile apps, from simple ones to backend-driven mobile products with web counterparts

01 Cross platform

Ability to share one codebase between iOS and Android

02 Custom drawing engine

- allowing you to create advanced UIs on both platforms without customization

03 Extensive widgets catalogue provided by Flutter team

- so we can bring product to the market fast, without relying on 3rd party libraries or writing everything from scratch

Make all Flutter's benefits work for your product.

"Similarly to React Native, Flutter uses one code for two platforms, saving on development time and cost. It also supports beautiful app UIs with smooth animations, and is perfect if you're looking to build an MVP."
Patryk Mierzejewski
Senior Mobile Developer

Our Clients' Success Stories

We help leverage all the benefits Flutter brings, including fast development time, cross-platform operation and lower costs.


The platform offers users 100x higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts with up to 6% APY, no minimums and no hidden fees.

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Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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ARROE exists to free people from having to use electrical wall sockets by creating an ecosystem of technology products that allows users to stay in charge all day every day. It’s aim is to make its revolutionary technology available to anyone that wants to enjoy freedom while at the same time staying connected in a digital world.

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Your Flutter-based application is in good hands

Meet the team

Łukasz Kobyliński's image
Łukasz Kobyliński
Senior Flutter Developer (Android)
Kamil Powałowski's image
Kamil Powałowski
Senior Flutter Developer (iOS) / Tech Lead
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Tomasz Mędryk
Senior Flutter Developer (iOS)
Using Flutter with a focus on iOS, we've integrated services like Firebase, Auth0, Google Places, Plaid, and recently Segment. Communication with the backend is handled by GraphQL, and Redux serves as the state management. “They had the phenomenal design talent and due diligence that we needed for our projects.”
Landon Mattison
Head of Growth and Marketing, Crescent


What is Flutter?


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

When is Flutter used?


Flutter is used when you want to develop beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It's ideal for startups and businesses looking to save time and resources in app development without compromising on quality and performance.

What are the benefits of using Flutter?


The benefits of using Flutter include rapid development via hot reload which allows you to experiment and fix bugs faster; single codebase for multiple platforms thus reducing duplication of effort; expressive and flexible UI with a rich set of widgets; and native performance where your app starts quickly and runs smoothly.

How does Flutter differ from other development platforms?


Unlike many other platforms that require separate files for different platforms, Flutter uses a single codebase that can be used across various platforms. It also distinguishes itself with its beautiful UI and high performance.

Is Flutter good for large-scale applications?


Yes, Flutter is well suited for large-scale applications due to its strong widget support, sophisticated UI, and high performance. In fact, many large companies like Alibaba and eBay have used Flutter to develop their applications.

How does Flutter impact the process of app development?


With its hot reload feature, Flutter speeds up the development process. It allows developers to see the changes they've made to the code right away in the app, which is ideal for experimenting and fixing bugs. It also simplifies the development process as you only need one codebase for all platforms.

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