The Forbes Dashboard:

A Vital Tool for Forbes Team



Web App



10Clouds designed a user-friendly dashboard that allows Forbes’ clients to monitor and evaluate the performance of articles. We started the project by conducting a heuristics’ audit, then prepared mockups in step with the new Forbes style guide, and ultimately handed over the final designs below budget.


Heuristic Audit
UX Design
UI Design

Our challenge

Marketing managers spend too much time on gathering analytic data of branded content campaigns published on their website. Scouting for data from various sources, putting it together and passing it to clients is often a difficult and needlessly complicated process. Forbes and its clients needed an all-in-one tool for managing and monitoring their campaigns.

How we made it happen

10Clouds created a design for the Forbes Dashboard - an intuitive web tool that gathers, displays, and exports multi-source analytic data for Forbes campaigns. The dashboard can be used by both Forbes’ staff and clients. It’s giving them direct access to data, thus saving both sides a lot of time. This solution wouldn’t work without spot-on design and data visualization - that’s what we delivered.

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10Clouds AI Assistant

10Clouds Assistant is a powerful tool that can collect data from company handbooks, employee information, project details, and more to provide instant feedback. The process of creating this tool involved several stages, such as downloading data from the Confluence API and saving it to a PostgreSQL database. Next, we cleared the data of HTML tags and added it to Pinecone using Llama-index, a library for importing data. Our AI tool can quickly and accurately provide users with the information they need, making it an invaluable asset for any organization.

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