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Datacapt is a Cloud-based Clinical data management system providing easy-to-use features for your clinical research. It enables users to efficiently build and deploy trials, save time and increase the quality of their outputs.


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Product Design

Our challenge

According to extensive market research and numerous interviews with clinical research experts, the most significant problem is that the available clinical trial management platforms are outdated and do not meet user needs. The goal, therefore, was to create an innovative and unique app that would revolutionize the entire clinical research industry.

control panel visualisation

How we made it happen

We started with a thorough competitor analysis and extensive research into medical industry needs. We learnt that before a new treatment can reach patients, it goes through several clinical trial phases that test the treatment for both safety and effectiveness and often the way that this data is managed isn’t very useful or user friendly. This is the issue that we were working to solve.

UX and visual design planning

We started the design phase with building users flows, which matched the journeys that our target audience usually undertook in their clinical trial work. We then built the information architecture around this and supplemented it with wireframes. Later, we added all the UI features, including unique illustrations which reflected the product’s brand.


Usability testing was very important to us, as it enabled us to verify that our app was working as intended for our target audience. We wanted to ensure that users could perform all the essential tasks with ease, including effortlessly capturing and exporting data, enrolling participants and capturing the subjects’ informed consent.


The final stage was the development of the frontend and backend including the entire electronic data capture (eCRF) system and process for patients’ informed consent.

It was great to see the product released into the world for medical professionals to use!

Screens from DataCapt

10Clouds isn't only a software house, it's a real part of our team. They've delivered very high quality whilst also being flexible around our roadmap milestones and objectives. All team members are extremely engaged and bring top value. We are revolutionizing the clinical trials industry and 10Clouds is supporting us in this goal.

Florentin Ory

CEO & Co-Founder

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