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    Swile is a company providing workers with payment cards which can be used for lunch, birthday money pots and a whole range of other work-related activities which require payment.

    Businesses can sign all of their employees up to Swile, meaning that they will receive a payment card for their meal vouchers. The employer tops up everyone’s card every month. Swile is on a mission to continue improving user experience. For instance, you can associate a debit card with your account so that your debit card is used if you pay for an expensive lunch above your daily limit.

    Project Name



    Payment card





    Our challenge

    Swile had recently rebranded from Lunchr and had done extensive research into its target demographics, wanting to appeal to the vast range of clients using its services.

    The company approached 10Clouds for support in creating 7 personas based on the different audience demographics. The graphics would be used extensively on its website and app.

    How we made it happen

    10Clouds used Swile’s research to create the 7 personas, with diverse ages, racial backgrounds and interests, which would also fit with Swile’s new brand. Our team consisted of an illustrator and two 3D modellers.

    The character design for each person included the stages of: creating 2D sketches, 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging and animation, enabling each character to be brought to life on the screen.

    The result was a series of visually engaging personas, which have already appeared on Swile’s website and app.

    Swile recently received a new round of funding to continue its work, so it looks like this is only the start of their journey!

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