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April 2021 - June 2022


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Aleph Zero revolutionizes public blockchain with an all-in-one solution. By tackling the trilemma of speed, security, and decentralization, their software-based approach combines ZK-Proofs and Secure Multiparty Computation for enhanced privacy. Enterprises benefit from a peer-reviewed, audited public network with a native privacy stack. Integration with Substrate simplifies adoption as developers can build on their existing knowledge. 10Clouds provides seamless DevOps infrastructure to support easy deployment for developers.





Introduction and Goals

Aleph Zero is revolutionizing the blockchain industry by introducing a groundbreaking all-in-one public blockchain solution. By successfully addressing the challenges of speed, security, and decentralization, Aleph Zero further enhances privacy through a fusion of ZK-Proofs and Secure Multiparty Computation, all implemented within a software-based framework.

This innovative approach allows Aleph Zero to offer enterprises worldwide a distinctive proposition: a peer-reviewed, audited public network equipped with a native privacy stack. Additionally, by leveraging integration with Substrate, developers can seamlessly adopt the platform without the need to learn new technologies, enabling them to build upon existing knowledge and accelerate implementation.

Recognizing the importance of developer-friendly operations, 10Clouds was entrusted with providing a simplified DevOps infrastructure, facilitating effortless deployment and ensuring a user-friendly experience for developers.


Aleph Zero needed to work on its infrastructure for the upcoming Mainnet launch and they didn’t have the time to wait a few months before hiring in-house team members. They needed somebody who could build an AWS infrastructure for their devnets, testnet and Mainnet.

That’s why they reached out to 10Clouds to extend their internal team. Within a week, they were joined by our team of DevOps experts, and ensured easier scalability of said team.

The Process

The Process

An AWS setup

We were responsible for an AWS setup to run Aleph Zero’s blockchain networks with a variable number of nodes for development and production needs. We worked closely with the team to gather their requirements and to validate their solutions.

Configuration docs and team training

We also prepared configuration documentation for Aleph Zero, and educated internal team members on how to use it, so that the knowledge could stay in the organization and be put to use in the future.

We, at Aleph Zero, are having quite an exciting run in 2021, and seeing that the year isn't through yet, we would like to share some of our plans for Q4 of this year. Before describing our plans for this time frame, it is crucial to note we see these developments as an opportunity to continue our cooperation with 10Clouds in creating the infrastructure for further blockchain solutions.

Antoni Żółciak

Co-founder and COO

Business Impact

The fourth quarter of 2021 was the time of creation of bridges to popular blockchains such as Kusama or Ethereum, and laying the foundations for future work on bridges to Cosmos, Binance Smart Chain, Near, and more.

Also, AlephZero introduced the first designs of their state-of-the-art privacy solution, Liminal, which was also going to serve as thei private interchain bridge. Liminal is a global private state based on our take on combining secure multi-party computations (sMPC) with zero-knowledge proofs.

Finally, the fourth quarter of 2021 saw the introduction of our smart contracts on the testnet. As we enter the first quarter of 2022, you can expect the MVP arrival of Common, our new DEX protocol, as well as further improvements deployed on the Aleph Zero network.

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