Below you'll find a range of free resources from 10Clouds. We love sharing our knowledge with the community. Download our whitepapers and e-books to learn about the latest technology trends, get guidance on what methods are effective in given contexts, and get ideas from big brands and industry experts.

10Clouds Resources

  • Managing the transformation from onsite teams to remote work

    • You’re looking to move to fully remote operations, having never done so before
    • You want to find out more about how to work effectively in dispersed teams.
  • MLOps Can Save You Time and Money – Here's How

    • You want to make the delivery of ML solutions more efficient at your company
    • You want to get deeper, more valuable insights from your ML Team while improving efficiency
  • UX audit for a healthy product

    • What does UX audit bring to the table?
    • The UX audit process explained
    • Success stories of our clients
    • Practical tools to help you plan your next steps
  • 10Clouds Agile Delivery Method - A Playbook

    • How to devise the product approach to fit the market
    • How to organize work to get results
    • How to efficiently kick off the work and get the right quality
  • How to effectively select a staff augmentation partner

    • What qualities to look for in a prospective agency partner
    • How to ensure that an augmented team works well with your existing one
    • A handy comparison checklist for prospective partners
  • How to decide whether Flutter or React Native is better for your business

    • Figuring out which solution will offer the fastest time to market
    • Understanding which framework is more stable and user-friendly
    • Figuring out which solution offers the greatest return on investment
  • How to use UX writing to benefit your business

    • Improving your user experience through effective writing
    • Driving your business forward with carefully worded language
    • Building intuitive user journeys

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