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    Omise is a payment gateway for Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The company developed a new innovative exchange platform based on their OmiseGo protocol. The platform needed a fresh, user-friendly design with a smooth running experience on any device.
    10Clouds’ goal was to create a brand new, reliable digital asset exchange and to implement important functionalities - from onboarding users to building a complex dashboard.

    We were responsible for:
    UX design: comprehensive research, user journeys, wireframes and clickable prototypes
    UI design: keeping simplicity in mind, we created a UI that aligns with users’ needs
    Development: Our development team worked on a front-end solution in React.

    Project Name





    Design, Web



    Our challenge

    The local cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Thailand lack great user experience, trust and financial liquidity. Users want to feel safe and secure while trading cryptocurrencies. GO.Exchange aims to be the top trading platform with a full package offer based on a decentralized network for high volume advanced traders.

    How we made it happen

    To design and build a complete cryptocurrency platform based on extensive competitive analysis and provide users with a safer and more reliable way of storing and trading cryptocurrencies.

    “The design and React frontend have generated positive feedback from customers. 10Clouds received praise for their quality.”

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