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Our cooperation is built on trust. We openly share
all of our work methods and the rules we rely on.

The Formula

Building excellent software is a process distinguished by the freedom to create and a versatile formula that we follow to deliver maximum value in all of our projects. Every product is different, every client has distinct needs. Below, we describe the principles that allow us to satisfy that.

The Formula

Agile is King

Your success is our success. We believe in doing things fast and on point. We want to work with you, not for you. Our developers, designers, and project leaders work in synergy, so that your business ideas are made reality.

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Agile Manifesto says:

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

We approach processes flexibly and find the right tools to maximize the results of the cooperation.


Working software over comprehensive documentation

We’d rather spend time making things work than produce tons of documents describing how things should work. Of course, we do prepare documentation - as much as necessary to work on the project smoothly and to make sure everyone can easily access the project info.


Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Your best interest is our best interest. Mutual trust, transparency, and drive to start collaborating directly with the team works wonders.


Responding to change over following a plan

Software design and development is a fast-changing environment, which is why we do planning in small steps and preserve the possibility to pivot when necessary.

The Formula


To gain your trust, we guarantee transparency on every step of the way.

Time and materials contract

Your billing is based on the number of hours worked by the project team, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Accurate time logs for the work done

How do you know whether your billing is accurate? Simply check the time logs, any time you need.

Constant contact with developers and designers

Communicate freely with the project team with no managerial overhead. Both you and your team get constant support from the project leader to make sure things go the right way.

NDA on request

We understand you may want to protect your idea in all ways possible. We’re open to signing NDAs, and we can do it in a snap by using electronic signatures.

Constant access to development environment and codebase

If you’d like to see what’s going on in your project under the hood, you’re welcome to take a peek at the code and internal servers.

Time zones are not a problem

Do you feel that different time zones might affect communication? Fear not. Weekly calls, regular planning sessions, and constant access to project information do the trick.

Thanks to the experience we got while working with clients from the USA, Canada, and Australia. We have established efficient communication patterns that work no matter where you are.

Process of work

Here’s what it’s like to develop your IT product with 10Clouds. As an example scenario we presented a story of a model MVP project, which can be modified for different service range.

Feel free to contact us if you need selected services, extension for your internal team or an existing product - we’ll be happy to help!

Project Kick-off 01

A successful project kick-off means that we know all the context, discover all your needs and user expectations, and we’re ready to start the regular work in the project team.

To get as many insights as possible, we need to establish the initial project scope and distribute it among all team members. This happens during the design workshop.

Project scope

Our team picks the platforms, frameworks, libraries, and establishes the technical specs necessary to deliver a high quality product.

Business Value

We discuss business background, values and objectives. We want to learn about your idea and the future users of your product.


We elaborate on the user needs, the problems to solve. We write user stories, prepare initial wireframes. We create the scope of the design work to be done.

Project Development 02

This is what happens when we start working on your stuff. We repeat it over and over until your product is finished. We use Scrum and all the things Scrum provides to make our work efficient and seamless.



We have to say that you, as our client, are essential in our regular work planning. The more input from you, the better results we deliver. Thanks to your involvement in the project, we can be sure that:

You know what we do and how.
We know that we do the thing you expect us to do.



We split our work into small parts so that we present the effects of our efforts often. If your project involves a whole cross-functional team, we use Scrum Sprints to streamline our work.



Depending on the stage your product or concept is in, we help it grow and flourish. To achieve this, we pick the most appropriate project path: design sprints, daily or weekly iterations, synergy with the programmers.

The design process may involve different aspects of the product: business analysis, concept mapping, investigating user personas, rapid prototyping, creating wireframes and app flows. We finish with clickable prototypes and a beautiful visual design. We show you every step of our work so that you can give us feedback as often as possible.



The development projects are organized using Scrum sprints - a short time period, usually a week or two, during which the team commits to deliver the goals established during the planning session. Every task to be done in the sprint is assigned to a particular team member and kept in Jira as a so called user story.

Before a user story becomes an existing feature in your product, the code goes under scrutiny in a number of tests and reviews. Thanks to the pull request flow, peer reviews, and automated testing we can be sure that the delivered result fulfills the requirements we commit to deliver.



Every product built at 10Clouds is tested by quality assurance professionals. For the most reliable results, we conduct two types of tests - manual and automated. The first ones are done personally by a QA specialist and the second ones are written in code, usually by developers.

Another quality assurance practice at 10Clouds is code review. Developers go through each other’s code to provide feedback and diminish the risks of bugs or other problems in the future.



We use the Scrum Review format to present the fruits of our work. We give you wireframes, mockups, prototypes or finished features of the product so that you can inspect and sign them off.



This is the moment when we meet and based on experience from the previous sprint, think how we can work better as a team. We value honesty and transparency in giving and receiving feedback. The product of the retrospective is our better adaptation to your needs.

Team Extension

Apart from developing products entirely within the 10Clouds team, we can also join your own team and support it with an appropriate skillset you’re in demand of.

We’re ready to help with web and mobile development as well as product design, project management, and quality assurance.

To provide the best results of cooperation, we need to share at least basic principles for the product development process. Of course, we can adapt to your team’s workflow to some extent. However, both parties need to remember that it’s impossible to build great software if the clash of working styles results in a violation of existing standards.

Before you decide to invite us onboard, consider the following:

We work in agile teams.

Every project needs to have a trusted toolset.

The quality of code is a priority to us.

Our prerogative is to create products.

Let's make great products together!

Tools of the Trade

We select tools according to the project’s specifics and needs, not the other way round.

Here you’ll find a few examples of our favorite productivity software.

Our basic real-time communication tool for the clients and the teams.

Every project has a dedicated private channel (chat room) to discuss all the issues related to our work. This way, your product info is secure and transparent at the same time.

The go-to project management platform.

There you can see what’s going on in your project, what happened in the past, and what the team is planning to do in the future. Here’s where you track sprints, check timelogs, and observe the progress in your project.

For every project, we grow a knowledge base kept in Confluence.

You can compare it to the 10Clouds projects’ Wikipedia. Here’s where we keep documentation, plans, retrospectives, memos, meeting minutes, and other know-how pieces essential for everyone to make sure the projects are running smoothly.

We utilize a selection of tools from Google.

To facilitate information sharing in different ways and formats, we also utilize a selection of tools from Google. The video calls are handled via Hangouts and the documents are shared in Drive - all in dedicated folders with accurate accessibility for 10Clouds and the client’s team.

This is where we share, comment, and discuss the designs in progress.

We love it for the simplicity it brings to collaboration between designers and non-designers by minimizing the possibility of confusion and misinterpretation.

The place to store, share, and send the code into the world by developers.

A global platform that enables teams to collaborate and present the effects of their work instantly, no matter what technology they work with.

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