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How we work

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We build all our client relationships on honesty and trust and we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we involve you in all parts of the development process.

Every product tells its own story

We understand that every product is different and that every customer has individual needs. That’s why we work hard to understand your vision, your context and your long and short term plans. Your success is our success.

We always adhere to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development which stresses the importance of individuals and interactions, of collaboration, responding to change and producing working software that has value for your business.

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Process of development work

Here’s what it’s like to develop your software product with 10Clouds. As an example scenario we present a story of an MVP. It's agile and flexible – we always tailor it to your needs.

Project Kickoff

A successful project kickoff means we get to the bottom of all the context, needs and user expectations, and we’re ready to start design and development.

During the discovery workshop we uncover business background, technical requirements, the product's initial scope, and plan out the first product increment.

Product Development

This is what happens when we start working on your ideas. We repeat it over and over until your product is finished. We use Scrum to make our work efficient, predictable, and valuable. Take a look at the key elements of Scrum:

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Work Planning

We plan work in intervals called Sprints. They usually last 2 weeks. Together with you, we plan which features to include in the development, and decide how we implement them.

Working Software Every Sprint

We split our work into small parts so that we present the effects of our efforts often. We work incrementally. Every sprint we deliver a testable piece of work.


We value honesty and transparency in giving and receiving feedback. Every Sprint we adapt to change and strive to improve how we work together.

Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation service can take the pressure off when you’re experiencing changes in your product teams or need a boost to your performance. Whether you need temporary extra resource to bring a project to life, are in need of an expert in a particular development field, or need dev support while you’re backfilling roles, 10Clouds is here for you.

Before you decide to invite us onboard, consider the following:

We work in agile teams.

Every project needs to have a trusted toolset.

The quality of code is a priority to us.

Our prerogative is to create products.

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Let's make great products together

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To gain your trust, we guarantee transparency on every step of the way.

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Time and materials contract

Your billing is based on the number of hours worked by the project team, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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Accurate time logs for the work done

How do you know whether your billing is accurate? Simply check the time logs, any time you need.

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Certified Scrum Masters

Communicate freely with no managerial overhead. Both you and your team get constant support from the Scrum Masters to make sure things go the best way possible.

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NDA on request

We understand you may want to protect your idea in all ways possible. We’re open to signing NDAs, and we can do it in a snap by using electronic signatures.

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Direct access to development environment and developers

You can see what’s going on under the hood at all times. Best results come from collaborating directly with our developers.

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Time zones are not a problem

Do you feel that time difference affects communication? Fear not. Weekly calls, regular planning sessions, and access to interactive comm channels do the trick.

Tools of the Trade

We select tools according to the project’s specifics and needs, not the other way round. Here you’ll find a few examples of our favorite productivity software.

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