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At 10Clouds, we’re more than just Project Managers, we’re Product Delivery Managers. This means that we’re with you at every step of your product journey - from discovery, through to the development of a scalable and effective solution. We believe that your success is our success.

Our process for creating digital products is agile, flexible and tailored to your needs.

Product Discovery

This stage forms the exciting start of our product delivery partnership, which is much more than the usual, straightforward project management approach. Our goal is to thoroughly understand the problem that the product will be solving and the needs of the end users. We also want to start defining how we can solve this problem, what solutions already exist on the market and how we can provide value to our future clients.

This workshop will allow us to get alignment on the mission and vision of the product. We will work with you to nail down the precise problem or pain point that we’re looking to solve. How big is this pain? And how much value will tackling it truly add? Who exactly are your users? Answering these questions will give us a much higher chance of developing a successful product.

The First Steps on Your 10Clouds Product Journey

Icon illustrating the meeting between the client and the business advisor

Meeting with our business advisor

You will have a chance to discuss your business idea, share your expectations, experiences and constraints, and find out more about the 10Clouds agile approach to product delivery.

Icon illustrating the meeting with experts

Meeting with our experts

You will be invited to a creative session with our business and technical experts to define details of your product and your plan to get on the market. We will also make some initial technical and business assumptions that will help us to define the best approach to kick-off the delivery process. Our team of professionals will analyze all your business needs to give you the best advice about product delivery.

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First proposition of co-operation

Based on our conversation we will share our initial custom proposition with you. Together we will iterate on it to reach the optimum approach that will allow you to get results as fast as possible.

Kick-off stage icon

Kick-off with the stage most suited to your needs

Having established the stage of the product delivery process at which it makes most sense to begin work, we will kickstart the process together with a dedicated team.

Your Product Delivery Partners

From the very beginning of your product journey, you’ll work with an expert team, skilled in all areas of the product delivery process. Their goal is to help you accurately address market needs, select the right technology for your product, and build competitive advantage.

A product-centric approach
1. Product-centric

Helping you ship valuable products is the ultimate goal of 10Clouds and the main focus for the Product Delivery Management team. We always strive to develop usable solutions to problems, as opposed to just features.

Agile product development
2. Agile and Lean

We are Agile - that means we always apply a transparent delivery process that ensures innovation and short release cycles. At the same time, we are also applying Lean principles by minimizing waste, maximizing cost efficiency, focusing on quality, learning, and team empowerment.

3. Lightning Fast

Our Agile and Lean approach allows us to build fast Proofs of Concept or Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) at every stage of your business. This means you can test your business hypothesis, get instant feedback from stakeholders, and be more confident about moving in the right direction.

Client testimonials

We have 60+ reviews with an average score of
“Our 10C team has been awesome right from the start, helping break our vision down into a realistic MVP and then delivering to a high standard on time and on budget. Working with them is a pleasure, they've delivered quality whilst also being flexible around our investment milestones - we hope to continue our partnership past the public launch of our MVP in September.”
James Dowell
Product Owner

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Products we've recently delivered


Omise is a payment gateway for Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The company developed a new innovative exchange platform based on its OmiseGo protocol. The platform needed a fresh, user-friendly design with a smooth running experience on any device. Here’s where 10Clouds stepped in.

Omise case study image


Firm ground and trust are the basics in the world where value is attributed to a line of code. Especially, when that code is supposed to represent gold. Qenta (former Emergent), a fintech company, wanted to create a gold-backed stable coin (G-Coin) and a verified supply chain for trusted gold. Ultimately, 10Clouds helped Qenta create an alternative to cash with responsibly sourced, digital gold.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Qenta case study image

Iron Sailor (Reachark)

Reachark, a project within the Iron Sailor Research organisation, helps you decode complex subjects by converting endless pools of data into actionable and intuitive intel.

10Clouds worked on formulating the scope for an MVP for Reachark, producing designs and working on the architecture and logic side of the application.

Global intelligence and analysis
Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights
Iron Sailor (Reachark) case study image

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