Crescent: Empowering Users with Accessible High-Yield Interest through Finance App


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Crescent, a finance app, has revolutionized accessibility to high-yield interest rates. With its innovative platform, users can enjoy interest rates 100x higher than traditional savings accounts, with up to 6% APY. There are no minimums or hidden fees, empowering individuals to grow their savings effortlessly. 10Clouds proudly supported Crescent in building the frontend of their app, providing seamless UX and product design.





Achievements In Two Months of Launching

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The Introduction and Goals

Crescent is a finance app that merges crypto-powered accessibility with high-yield interest rates. By instantly converting users' deposits to US Dollar Coin (USDC), 1 USDC equals $1 Dollar, Crescent offers 100x higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts, with up to 6% APY. Users can say goodbye to minimums and hidden fees.

Additionally, Crescent empowers users to amplify their interest by activating boosts and supports their favorite causes with the built-in Social Impact feature. With USDC technology, Crescent ensures faster transfers, no fees, and an enhanced user experience.

The Challenge

Crescent's goal was to develop a visual brand identity and a website footprint that was reflective of the direction that our company was headed in as a young, expressive, Gen Z-focused finance company. The compapy came to 10Clouds for support with building the front end of its app, complete with UX and product design.

The initial product was intended to be a crypto-investing platform for beginners, but it later pivoted to become a high-yieldhigh-yield savings tool powered by crypto. While the average high yield offer in the States stands at around 0.5%, Crescent is able to offer 6%.

The company’s decision to pivot was mainly due to the regulatory environment changing in the US, but Crescent is still planning to launch the investment part of its product as it scales.

The Process

The Process


Using Flutter with a focus on iOS, we've integrated services like Firebase, Auth0, Google Places, Plaid, and recently Segment. Communication with the backend is handled by GraphQL, and Redux serves as the state management.

App Features

We developed a mobile app for Crescent with three core functionalities: Boosts — enable users to temporarily increase their account APY by performing simple challenges. Scheduled Investments — users can set up recurring investments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Round-up — users can link spending accounts (credit, debit, Paypal, etc.), and then automatically the spare change will be round-up from every transaction. Social Impact — users can direct a percentage of Crescent’s earnings to one of a handful of nonprofits for free.


Our product design team worked on developing new features while redesigning the visual style and creating a design system. In this process, we established a brand style and comprehensive guidelines, including custom typography, a unique 2D/3D animated sigil, and a variety of 3D illustrations. The brand creation and product landing page design were carried out simultaneously.

10Clouds performed really well in terms of project management. Our project manager, in particular, was very instrumental in pushing the project forward and keeping us on track. We were most impressed with the level of excellence of 10Clouds’s designers. They had the phenomenal design talent and due diligence that we needed for our projects.

Head of Growth & Marketing

Business Impact

The collaboration between the 10Clouds team and Crescent has always been dynamic, with two teams working in tandem and progressing towards common goals. The 10Clouds team is composed of Flutter developers, QA testers, product designers, illustrators, and product delivery managers. We always follow an agile approach in our work, adjusting and embracing changes.

One example of this was the pivot that occurred during the branding concept. Even though the deadlines were strict, we changed direction a few times in the exploration phase, working closely with Crescent. This resulted in outstanding branding and an impressive landing page which showcases the real value of the product to users.

We worked in iterations with as many touchpoints with the Crescent team as possible, which ensured that we were always on the same page and minimized wasted effort.

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