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Iron Sailor Research was founded on the premise that better systems can be designed to help improve the way we work globally. Its teams devote their capabilities to create innovative solutions to problems we all face in our everyday lives. Complexities like big data analysis, B2C and B2B communications can all be optimized to better serve us and our global needs.

Reachark, a project within Iron Sailor Research organisation, helps you decode complex subjects by converting endless pools of data into actionable and intuitive intel.

10Clouds maintained a team of 6 people consisting of Python, ReactJS developers as well as QA, Design and DevOps.Our Agile Project Manager strongly supported Product Owner from the client side as he had limited previous experience in performing the role.


Web Development

Our challenge

The biggest challenge was to meet the deadline. From the first idea meeting to finalizing we had 6 weeks. Business deadline was determined by the biggest Summit in Europe called Web Summit Lisbon.

How we made it happen

We began as soon as the brief meeting ended. We worked on formulating the scope for an MVP, then creating the designs. At the same time, the development team was working on the architecture and logic side of the application. Using the Agile approach we were working simultaneously on design and development.

We managed to deliver the initial requirements on time. The client’s MVP was approved and included in the Web Summit. We also helped the client get new investors for the project.

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10Clouds AI Assistant

10Clouds Assistant is a powerful tool that can collect data from company handbooks, employee information, project details, and more to provide instant feedback. The process of creating this tool involved several stages, such as downloading data from the Confluence API and saving it to a PostgreSQL database. Next, we cleared the data of HTML tags and added it to Pinecone using Llama-index, a library for importing data. Our AI tool can quickly and accurately provide users with the information they need, making it an invaluable asset for any organization.

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