Cloud Computing vs Serverless Computing

Traditionally, companies used to set up their own huge data centers and deployment servers, spending tons of cost and effort only to ensure that the hardware that has to run the underlying application is up and running smoothly.

13.04.2021 | 10 min read

Terraform vs Crossplane - How to provide IaC with th...

Kamil Herbik, Cloud Engineer

09.04.2021 | 7 min read

An overview of AWS EKS - best practice and use cases

Michał Machowski, Lead Cloud Engineer (DevOps)

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06.05.2016 | 8 min read

Why I Swapped a Job in Business for IT

Piotr Kuich, Front-end Developer

08.04.2016 | 10 min read

How to Work Remotely from Sunny Malta

Alicja Rakowska, Front-end Developer
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