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How do we ensure that your project runs smoothly and that we deliver the end product on time and on budget? We do this through highly efficient project management. Our Scrum Masters and PMs are second to none.

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Why choose 10Clouds?

Our project management team has great expertise and sense of ownership. They lead our project teams to deliver outstanding business value in an efficient manner. We embrace Agile, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and transparency.

We are focused on delivering the best business value with products we build

We are not satisfied with developing a great quality code for you. We constantly push to create an outstanding product delivering great business value. We are capable of providing a broad and complex service to develop your desired business products.

We aim for maximum efficiency

We always strive to build a solution that is exactly suited to your business context. If you need to quickly verify your assumptions about a business concept or product, we can swiftly provide you with an MVP. If you need a reliable production system, we can deliver a complex solution with focus on quality assurance and bulletproof architecture.

We collaborate with you throughout the process

We hold regular meetings with clients at all stages of the process to ensure that we take all feedback on board and immediately respond to any changes. We focus on collaboration and transparency.

Project types

We have honed our project process to be able to use the best approach for a given co-operation scenario. We defined three distinct project types so that we can pick the best one that matches your needs and project context to maximize chances of success and reaching project goals.

10C Agile project

This approach is based on Scrum and relies on tight collaboration. It is best suited for projects where there is more flexibility around the scope to be delivered or when the scope is not well known yet. We focus more on product discovery and maximizing business value while ensuring that the most important features are delivered first.

Based on SCRUM, relying on collaboration
A go-to approach for most software development projects
Focused on product discovery and maximizing business value

Some of the projects we’ve managed


KeyForge is a new card game released by Fantasy Flight Games. 10Clouds built an official mobile and web application for it. With Master Vault, users can quickly scan their cards, add notes or track their stats.

Keyforge case study image

Iron Sailor (Reachark)

Reachark, a project within the Iron Sailor Research organisation, helps you decode complex subjects by converting endless pools of data into actionable and intuitive intel.

10Clouds worked on formulating the scope for an MVP for Reachark, producing designs and working on the architecture and logic side of the application.

Global intelligence and analysis
Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights
Iron Sailor (Reachark) case study image

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