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GlucoseMama App.


iOS Application



GlucoseMama iOS app is the first digital therapeutic system for gestational diabetes (GDM). We have built an application which connects pregnant mothers and medical experts in the effort to make all moms' lives both easier and healthier.


iOS Development
Product Design

Our challenge

Up to 10% of expectant mothers develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Usually, the diagnosis comes with the screening test around the third trimester. Mothers-to-be need to start measuring their blood glucose levels several times a day.

How we made it happen

The most challenging part of working on GlucoseMama was to deliver a solution built especially for mothers. This would not only guide them with day-to-day management and tracking of GDM, but also motivate and educate them on what to eat.

Key functionalities

Glucose Tracking

There's a lot of details related to logging blood glucose. It's the value which comes from the glucometer measurement, the time when it was taken, the mood a user was in, and additional notes, which the doctors advise to take. All of this combined in one simple screen.

Carbs Tracking

In this case it's not only logging meals. Our goal was to show the recommended choices that will benefit both the mother’s and the baby's well being.


Every major step taken in GlucoseMama comes with a reward. The fact that you successfully did your first log, chose the right food to eat, or kept tracking your health data up until the baby's birth - these are the reasons to stay positive.

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