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GoSeqIt is a spin-off project from the Technical University of Denmark. It gives microbiologists all around the world access to DNA sequencing analysis. This technology helps fight infectious diseases, using complex algorithms and high-performance computing. GoSeqIt provides both through a cloud. For this project, 10Clouds developed an AWS-based scalable infrastructure and user-friendly web tool.


Front-end and back-end development

Our challenge

Our client developed a system that can analyze DNA sequences to determine the type of bacteria and its characteristics. Before, this could only be answered by time-consuming and expensive laboratory analysis at the expense of fast patient recovery. Unfortunately, using the system was unintuitive and required powerful computers, and technical acumen.

How we made it happen

10Clouds provided a platform that allows conducting DNA analysis through the internet, from any place on Earth. It computes and stores all data in the cloud and generates legible reports. The GoSeqIt Tools web-platform offers fast, reliable, confidential, and user-friendly characterization of bacteria based on DNA sequences.

Key functionalities

Scalable Infrastructure

10Clouds designed a scalable AWS-based infrastructure, which delivers the results of genome analysis in a few minutes. If more computing power is needed, the system uses multiple servers at once. However, the number of active servers may also be lowered, which significantly reduces costs.

Cloud DNA Analysis

GoSeqIt provides biologists a complex genome analysis with one user-friendly web tool. After uploading files, users get the results at a glance, in the form of transparent reports that show a broad spectrum of data. With GoSeqIt, biologists don’t need access to high performing computers or deep technical knowledge.

Storing Data and Results

Analyzed files and all reports are stored in the cloud and always accessible for further usage. Users can easily compare multiple results. Our next goal is to implement a team collaboration feature for files and results.

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