Displate: How to Iterate MVP to Get Things Done in Time


December 2021 - September 2022







Displate is a global marketplace for artwork printed on metal. The company is based in Poland and requires more talent, especially in IT, to keep growing at such a fast rate (over 6 million “displates” sold over 9 years to customers all over the world.) A large Employer Branding campaign was planned to reach potential employees, and 10Clouds helped design and deliver the main landing page.


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Introduction and Goals

Displate, an esteemed global marketplace renowned for its unique artwork printed on metal, has emerged as a pioneering force in the industry.

The company's exponential growth demands a constant influx of talent, particularly in the IT domain. To bolster their expansion and attract top-notch professionals, Displate strategized a comprehensive Employer Branding campaign, aimed at establishing a compelling presence amongst potential employees.

To support Displate in their ambitious endeavors, 10Clouds stepped in as a trusted partner, collaborating closely to design and deliver the focal point of their campaign - the captivating main landing page.

Our team of seasoned designers and developers synergized their expertise to create a visually stunning, intuitive, and informative landing page that effectively communicated Displate's unique culture, growth opportunities, and enticing benefits.


The biggest mistake might be to see time as something you can touch and use. You can't control time unless you have superpowers or have learned how to break the rules of physics. But there are situations when you need to finish things that are critical to the project's success even though you are short of time. This is what happened with Displate.

The main challenge was time: the collaboration started with scoping workshops in late May, while Displate needed a landing page consisting of multiple sections for the soft launch at a conference scheduled in late June.

Already for the soft launch MVP version, the landing page needed to showcase Displate as an attractive IT employer and also be visually appealing.

Together with the Displate team, we intensively managed the scope and priorities: for the first MVP version our goal was to deliver a great-looking website, but with very limited animations (only if animations could come “out of the box” from a user library) so that we would have time to design, build, and test all the site's sections on multiple devices, especially mobile.
Wiosna Wilkomirska
Agile Lead, and Senior Agile Coach

The Process

The Process

Scope Management

We set clear priorities for the sections so that we could always give users a good experience, even if we didn't finish all of the sections to the quality we wanted. Several scope reductions were also agreed upon, like having the MVP version redirect to the existing job offer portal instead of making a custom section on the website.

Early start of development

During the scoping workshops, our UX designer made the first version of the wireframes so that we could start the development work as soon as possible. This made it possible for the development team to work on the structure (scaffolding) of all pages and sections while the UX and Product Designers finished the wireframes, including the version that works on mobile devices.

Communication and quick decision making

Especially during the MVP phase, the communication inside the 10C team and syncing with the client were very intense. The project team had dailies and communication on Slack, with ad hoc meetings organized directly by the team members. The shared Slack channel with the Displate team was also very lively, as we needed to be aligned on the status and the consequences of the delivery.

Budget management

After the MVP phase, budget tracking was most helpful. It showed us how many visual effects and animations we could make for the fixed amount of money Displate planned to spend on the landing page. The 10Clouds team delivered the animations in small steps, which allowed Displate to stop the work whenever the landing page looked good enough, according to the client.

10Clouds team pays attention to details and tries to deliver the best results. They're also really flexible in terms of adjusting the budget to the quality and how to make the best things happen. I feel like they care about our project, thus they feel more like a business partner rather than a vendor.

Bastek Kłys

Creative strategist at Displate

Business Outcome

The MVP version of the website was presented at the June conference and got the Displate team good reviews from their target audience. Currently, the Displate team is preparing to launch the full Employer Branding campaign with the support of the full version of the website, which will allow potential candidates to understand the Displate culture, vibe, and mode of working, as well as seamlessly apply for jobs at Displate.

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