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Coinquista S.A is one of the first polish companies enabling the trade of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the options of tracking the best investors, investing under the supervision of experts, as well as a simple interface, Coinquista offers newcomers a smooth entry into the world of investments.

10Clouds built the full exchange from scratch - from the dashboard and landing page to the cold wallet, social trading application and onboarding process.


Blockchain; Frontend; Design

Our challenge

Users who are just beginning their adventure with cryptocurrencies, don’t understand the processes that take place in the backend. Regular traders, the main users of the platform, needed to be provided with an intuitive panel, advanced stats, the ability to follow the best investors and the highest level of security.

Coinquista came to 10Clouds for support with building an integrated blockchain platform, which would be intuitive, user-friendly and high performing.

Coinquista mobile screens

10Clouds built the full exchange from scratch - from the dashboard and landing page to the cold wallet, social trading application and onboarding process.

The Cold Wallet

All transfers from the cold wallet require two-step verification, which was set up by 10Clouds to provide maximum security. Authorization is handled by Coinquista specialists and trusted partners.


The trusted external partner controls each transfer of funds from the Hot Wallet to verify its reliability. The system allows the transaction to proceed only when the operation is approved.

The Social Trading Platform

10Clouds also worked with Coinquista on a social trading platform, which allowed for the tracking of other users’ transactions and following in their footsteps. Expert knowledge could be accessed with a single click.

Users also had the chance to join the community, ask questions, exchange opinions and discuss market events, the idea being that a problem shared is a problem halved.

The Coinquista Stream

We also worked on building The Coinquista Stream, which notifies users of important market news and updates as they happen, keeping them informed of all the recent advancements in the trading and cryptocurrency market.

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10Clouds AI Assistant

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