Tokenized Identity and Zero Knowledge Proofs.


    10Clouds built the Lite ID app for Trust Stamp, the main idea being to create a platform for secure data sharing.

    The user can generate a mobile version of their ID. During the onboarding process the official government documents are compared with the face scan.The process involves document verification, proof of liveness (i.e. anti-spoofing procedure) and ultimately a download of the relevant fields in the ID (such as Name, Address etc.)

    Then when a particular piece of data is needed - e.g. a user’s age, only this information is passed over to the third party, while everything else remains anonymous.

    Project Name

    Lite ID




    Mobile Development, Design, MVP





    Our challenge

    Trust Stamp had existing technology which they wanted to adapt to new markets. The goal was to develop an app to confirm a user's identity and age based on the automatic document verification, proof of liveness and face comparison. They reached out to 10Clouds for support with mobile development and design.

    How we made it happen

    We very quickly began working with Trust Stamp’s back end team, providing front end support. We provided a Proof of Concept within the space of an app, which the client was able to use as a prototype for investors and as a method of testing.

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