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Asmodee is a publisher of card, board and role-playing games that has multiple games on offer. During our cooperation we were focused on providing an IT environment for the card game KeyForge, which covered both events organisers and players.

The game offers a unique solution based on the idea that no two card decks are the same. So far players have registered almost 1,8M unique decks on our web platform.



Our challenge

The biggest challenge in the project is its complexity. The game environment consists not only of the website and mobile application for the players, but also multiple backend services for managing players data, organising tournaments or registering players on such events. Our team is responsible for the whole environment which is essential for the client's business. The system is used for running thousands of events all over the world so the it’s high quality and availability are crucial.

How we made it happen

As we have two separate teams and two Product Owners for players and events organisers sides of the environment we have to make sure both of the teams are working very close together to move in the right direction. Even though the teams have separate backlogs, every quarter we are creating one roadmap for the whole environment to ensure we understand all dependencies and plan work on a high level properly. As such a complex project requires a lot of attention and support from the Product Owner our Agile Project Manager assumed a role of Proxy Product Owner to support PO on the client side and ensure project success. By having the same Project Manager and QA for both projects we are able to streamline the communication between two teams and ensure proper flow of information.

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