Secure encrypted email using facial biometrics


Trusted Mail brings unparalleled security for your email communication. This multiplatform solution encrypts messages and secures them from unauthorized access. Instead of unreliable passwords, it uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to verify users. To enable end-to-end encryption across all platforms, we've built iOS and Android apps, a Chrome plugin that seamlessly expands basic Gmail functionality and an Outlook plugin to integrate with Office365.

Project Name

Trusted Mail


Biometric Authentication System, Machine Learning Algorithms


Web Application, Mobile App, Browser Extensions



Our challenge

Secure exchange of confidential information on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. Data acquired from emails or instant messenger allow cybercriminals to steal millions of dollars, reveal fragile info, enable blackmail, and destroy reputations. Passwords alone are an unreliable method to protect sensitive data and more extensive legacy methodologies such as private-keys and multi-factor authentication are complex and consequently avoided by users.

How we made it happen

We created a secure email system that provides an unprecedented level of security. Trusted Mail users can access their messages and attachments only after facial-biometric sign-in. Trusted Mail’s facial recognition technology cannot be fooled by (e.g.) a photo. Based on the verified ID document, the system confirms the user’s identity.

Key Functionalities


Biometric Protection

The system we developed uses world class AI to provide an impressive face authentication technology. It converts a facial video into 3D model and creates a secure hash. There is a less than a one-in-a-quadrillion chance that two faces will generate the same hash.
To access the mailbox, users take a "Secure Selfie". Every Secure Selfie is actually a short video, which helps Trusted Mail to ensure that the system is dealing with a living person. Trusted Mail also requires a photo-ID document to set up an account.

Biometric Protection

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