A simple way to communicate about absence, remote work or time off.


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timeION is an online app that enables company employees to easily communicate their absence, inform about remote work or request time off. Our goal was to create an intuitive, yet complex and highly customizable tool, which can replace many different solutions at one time. timeION synchronizes with Google Calendar, making it even easier to manage a team. We designed this product from scratch - beginning with the idea, through design, and development.


Web Development

Our challenge

When business grows, synchronizing employees’ working schedules becomes extremely difficult. Without information about team working status, it's almost impossible to locate employees, schedule meetings or communicate in the case of emergency. Most of existing solutions don’t cover all bases, so team management is often scattered around many different products.

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How we made it happen

timeION simplifies the time off request policy and makes the experience pleasurable for both employees and managers. It lets users see all colleagues' availability at a glance and receive absence notifications from the closest coworkers at the right time.

Key functionalities

Google Integration

Companies which utilize G Suite within the workplace can automatically setup timeION for all employees without sending invites. Events added to Google Calendar synchronise with timeION, and absences marked in timeION are reflected in Google Calendar.

Clear Visibility of Time Schedules

Users see all colleagues' availability at a glance and receive absence notifications from the closest coworkers at the right time. Intuitive design, simple colour scheme, calendar and user search give quick and easy access to key information


TimeION can be easily adapted to company needs. From the start it allows users to track different types of time off, such as sick leave and vacation. Users can also create their own categories - paid or unpaid time off, conferences, or maternity and paternity leaves.

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