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Skedulo is a platform for managing a mobile workforce, scheduling their work throughout the day. 10Clouds has been providing a staff augmentation service for Skedulo for over 1.5 years, with a team growing from 1 to 8 React developers, 1 mobile dev and Designers.

Skedulo pushed larger bodies of work to our team, be it new features, or creating quick prototypes of various ideas in order to validate them quickly. The team worked quite autonomously under the supervision of a PM on 10Clouds’ end.

Project Name



Web development, design


Web application

Skedulo screens

Our challenge

The effective maintenance of multiple job offers requires access to a quick overview of the current situation and tools that allow you to react quickly. Communication and visualisation plays key roles in this matter.

How we made it happen

The team worked on building the tool which allows the user to visually define the world regions used in the application in order to assign specific assets. They also created a robust and customizable communication platform, that allows for quick messaging between all people involved in the process of completing job offers.

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