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MaidGrow is a house cleaning estimate calculator app both for web and mobile. It helps house cleaning businesses to calculate the costs and price the service accordingly. It allows management of potential clients and their estimates.


Web application
mobile application

Our challenge

The main challenge was to create a multi-platform app that would synchronise all elements at a minimal cost.

How we made it happen

10Clouds created a web app, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS using the cross platform framework React Native. In order to create a unified user experience, we created a serverless back-end solution using Firebase and Stripe for the payments system. By doing this, we were able to provide a really cost effective solution that met the client's needs.

Technology choice: Vue for simplicity, React Native for mobile to share the codebase between platforms, Firestore and serverless Firebase Functions as backend

Design choices: Tweaked UI Libraries so we save time on building UI controls from scratch

Agile approach: since the budget was the biggest constraint, we could adjust the project from the beginning to meet the final goal.

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