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AIConsole, 10Clouds' own innovative product, is meant to transform the landscape of Artificial Intelligence applicability through hyper-personalization. Designed for automation, versatility and learnability, AIConsole delivers a smart, no-code platform capable of elevating any workflow by much more than just AI content generation.


Full-Scale AI Implementation
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Introduction and Goals

The landscape of Artificial Intelligence stands as a battleground, marked by the omnipotent presence of tech giants determined to consolidate their hold over the pinnacle of AI advancements. Meanwhile, independent engineers and open-source communities strive with a fervent resolve to decentralize this power.

The birth of AIConsole, brainchild of our CEO Maciej Cielecki, is rooted deep within this ideological skirmish. The inception tale of AIConsole is not merely about developing another piece of technology. It is the manifestation of a certain vision of accessibility

Why develop AIConsole? The answer is twofold.

Firstly, necessity. There's a growing realization that our digital autonomy is at risk. As AI becomes ubiquitous, the power it wields tends to concentrate in the hands of a few titans. This potential future, where access to AI is gatekept, looms ominously, hinting at a world where AI does not serve the many, but rather the interests of the powerful elite.

Secondly, conviction. We see a future where AI is your companion, not your overlord, where your digital assistant performs tasks curated by you, for you, without the overbearing presence of intrusive ads, biased algorithms, or uninvited influence.

At the heart of AIConsole lies the objective to empower organizations and individuals to adopt and integrate AI seamlessly into their systems and workflows. From integrating LLMs to deploying sophisticated machine learning models, the platform aims to make advanced AI accessible to every business segment.


The primary hurdle was the perceived complexity and accessibility of Artificial Intelligence technology itself. There existed a palpable need for a platform that could demystify AI, make it user-friendly, and provide a robust foundation for developers and business leaders to leverage AI without steep learning curves.

Developing AIConsole presented a distinctive set of challenges, capturing the crux of what it means to forge a new trail in the AI ecosystem. These challenges were not just technical obstacles but also ones grounded in shifting a cultural mindset and overcoming entrenched market dynamics.

Technical Integration and Flexibility

Building AIConsole meant integrating a complex series of algorithms and models, particularly stitching together OpenAI's advanced LLMs into a seamless and user-friendly desktop application. The challenge was to create an interface simple enough for non-technical users, yet robust enough to handle intricate tasks. We wanted to make sure that AIConsole was equipped with a LiteLLM library — a novelty that would allow users to switch between different AI models with minimal fuss, future-proofing the tool against rapid advancements in the field.

Customization and Learning Curve

The development team knew AIConsole needed to be highly customizable to truly serve its purpose. This presented the multifaceted task of crafting AI that would not just perform tasks but learn from the user, eventually automating complex sequences personalized to individual workflows. Designing a system that could remember, learn, and adapt without the need for continuous programming or complex prompt engineering posed a significant hurdle.

Privacy and Data Security

Given the potential of AI to access sensitive information, balancing functionality with top-notch security and privacy was paramount. The challenge was to ensure that while AIConsole learned from the user's data, it adhered to the highest standards of data protection and privacy laws, guaranteeing that users' digital sovereignty was not compromised.

Market Resistance and Adoption

In a market dominated by tech giants, introducing a novel concept such as AIConsole came with its fair share of skepticism. Gaining trust and encouraging adoption in a space wary of new players required not just a superior product but a compelling narrative that resonated with individuals and businesses conscious of privacy and autonomy.

Regulatory Hurdles

AIConsole's development coincided with increased scrutiny over AI's societal impact, meaning the team had to preemptively navigate a landscape of regulatory uncertainty. The platform had to be built in compliance with existing laws while remaining agile enough to adapt to the rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks governing AI and data privacy.

Overcoming these challenges required a perfect blend of innovation, perseverance, and a touch of audacity that the team behind AIConsole held in abundance. It was this very blend that propelled the project forward, turning bold aspirations into tangible solutions, and thus paving the way for a new era of hyper-personalized AI.

The Process

The Process

AI Strategy Consultation

AIConsole demanded strategic guidance, aligning business goals with AI capabilities.

Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

We developed tailored PoCs for the clients, showcasing the practical application of AI within their operations.

Full AI Solution Development

A full spectrum of AI integrations, from deployment of AI models within the system to fine-tuning.

Implementing the Solution in Tailor-Made Applications

Introducing the AIConsole into particular clients’ products, and to the open-source community of makers.
Maciej Cielecki
Maciej Cielecki
Head of AI, Co-founder at 10Clouds

"We forge the path for AI integration, giving you the tools to build a smarter, more connected, and automated future."

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Business Impact

The driving force behind the product is a blend of safeguarding privacy and fostering personalization. With AIConsole, users have the unparalleled ability to configure their AI agent. This is not merely about convenience - it's a stride towards sovereignty in the digital space, enabling users to possess an AI that grows with them, reflecting their idiosyncrasies and respecting their privacy.

AIConsole can not only streamline automation processes across varied industries but also reduce operational costs by introducing intelligence at the core of business functions.

Our solution introduces a suite of benefits designed to revolutionize the way users interact with AI, offering unprecedented control, efficiency, and personalization:

User Empowerment
AIConsole places the reins of AI in the hands of users, allowing them to command and customize their own AI agents according to specific needs and preferences.

Privacy Preservation
By enabling AI to operate within the user's own environment, AIConsole ensures that sensitive data remains secure, mitigating the risks associated with cloud-based AI platforms.

Cross-Platform Automation
Users can automate tasks across various software and systems, breaking down operational silos and creating a more connected, streamlined workflow.

Adaptive Learning
AIConsole is designed to learn from user interactions, evolving over time to better understand and anticipate user needs, thereby refining its task execution for more precise results.

Single-Request Multitask Handling
The platform can carry out multifaceted tasks from a single request, such as writing an email, identifying recipients based on context, and sending it, all without further user intervention.

Robust Integrations
With AIConsole, there is the potential to connect with an extensive range of applications and services, from communication tools like email and messaging apps to project management and CRM systems.

Time and Cost Efficiency
By automating routine and complex tasks, AIConsole frees up valuable resources, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on strategic initiatives and creative thinking.

Continuous Learning and Expansion
Users can incrementally train and expand AIConsole's capabilities, turning it into a tool that grows more powerful and more aligned with their specific domain over time.

No Ads or External Influences
AIConsole operates ad-free, devoid of any external influence aimed at monetizing user attention or data, thus enabling a more pure, focused user experience.

Despite its powerful backend, AIConsole offers a user-friendly interface that lowers the barrier to entry for leveraging sophisticated AI tech, making it accessible to a wide range of skill levels.

In essence, AIConsole's benefits lie in its capacity to serve as a customizable and secure personal AI assistant that grows with the user, fostering a symbiotic relationship where both the AI and its human counterpart are elevated.

We really hope it will become a reliable companion in your daily workflows and activities, regardless of what they might be.

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