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FindEm is a German start up, whose investors are recruiters and recruitment agencies.

The aim of the product is to enable easy and comprehensive management of recruitment campaigns on social media (initially on Facebook and Instagram), with the aid of chatbots (firstly in Facebook Messenger and later on other platforms).

Using this tool, the recruiter has the option of setting up recruitment campaigns, preparing visual ads, defining chats, targeting launching the campaign on the target platform (currently Facebook), viewing performance statistics, and reviewing and assessing candidates applying via chat.



Our challenge

To date, recruitment campaign management was handled by several independent apps, which slowed down the process and made it impossible to get a top level view of its effectiveness. The user was also unable to get insight into campaign statistics.

Our challenge was to work with FindEm on building a platform which allows full social media campaign management in one place: from creating visual ads, to defining target audience, setting budgets, checking statistics.

How we made it happen

Chatbots were used for the easy collection of candidate data, as well as analysis of this data in the system. Using this solution, the candidate can answer questions in a convenient way, with no need for email or phone contact, which saves a considerable amount of time for both parties.

In addition, an important improvement is the analytics of data collected by chatbot, as the system automatically analyzes the answers given and on this basis the initial qualification of the candidate is determined, again increasing the time and cost effectiveness of service.

"To build FindEm, we used Python, Django and Vue, which hit the sweet spot of being mature and flexible. If you create a platform like ours, you don't want to constantly fight the technology, either because something is flaky or because it's inflexible. Another reason which made this decision easy: I knew that 10Clouds had expertise in those technologies and beyond. We’re at our fourth product cooperation now. I’m always impressed by the quality and experience of the team."

Jörg Kress

Head of Product and Technology

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