Change your frustration into innovation!


    Sherlock Waste easily achieves immediate results in process optimization as well as long-term changes in an organization's culture by involving employees in joint problem-solving.

    Project Name

    Sherlock Waste





    Our challenge

    Companies are always faced with initiatives or suggestions for improvements from their employees. However, these employees do not always have the opportunity or tools at their disposal to bring their ideas to life and benefit the business. The problem we and the client faced was how to encourage employees to give feedback quickly and easily and propose company-wide initiatives.

    How we made it happen

    The solution was comprehensive. It involved design, development and management solutions all in a transparent mobile application for both iOS and Android. We also created an employee management panel - for which we used Django.

    Employees can now:
    - report new, or suggest improvement of current problems
    - generate ideas
    - implement solutions
    - monitor effects

    The whole platform is supported by the gamification process in the form of a ranking and voting model that employees can use.

    "It was really exciting to be part of this project, which involved front-end work, implementation of data solutions, design incorporation and more. There were tight deadlines, and at the time in which I joined, we had to establish some priorities to ensure timely delivery. Ultimately the client was very satisfied, which is what I like to hear."

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