Social Media platform for athletes to connect with fans and sponsors

Iplay Sport


iOS Application, Android Application



Iplay Sport is a social media app focused on the sports community. It gives professional and semi-professional athletes a unique way of communicating with their fanbase and helps them to manage their careers. 10Clouds created a full visual identity of the product and developed mobile apps.


iOS Development
Android Development

Our challenge

Professional and semi-professional athletes have a very tight schedule. They have to use multiple time-consuming tools to communicate with their team and fanbase, keep track of sports events, manage their careers, look for trainers, or get financial and insurance advice. No universal solution gives athletes full control over their career and communication.

How we made it happen

Iplay Sport offers athletes support before, during, and after their sporting career through a variety of services. Users get all the tools they need to start building their digital market strategy and personal brand in one mobile app. Through Iplay, they can also manage their schedule, look out for personal trainers, find sponsors, chat with their teammates, and much more.

Key functionalities

Beautiful Design, Smooth UI

Our goal was to make the Iplay user experience satisfying, intuitive, and smooth. 10Clouds took care of the app design and the whole branding of the product. The iPhone design was created with iOS human interface guidelines on mind. For Android we used Pure Material Design.

Player Profiles

Public profiles give athletes the freedom to post multimedia status updates, which are visible to their fans and teammates in the app feed. Other users can comment, like, and share them on social media platforms. Profiles are filled with sports-specific info.

Creating and Joining Teams

Athletes create profiles of professional and amateur sports teams. To join a team, users have to enter a verification code. Profiles can be used for sharing team information. They also give members access to a secure private communication channel.

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