Pushing the Boundaries of Mobile Designs


Playground is a mobile app that showcases 10Clouds design and development skills. We have allowed our designers to unleash their creativity fully and blended their ideas with intuitive UX and flawless code written in React Native, Kotlin and Swift. The open-sourced app consists of three modules that developers can modify and use.

Project Name



Concept, Design, Development


iOS Application

Our challenge

Portfolios of the best designers are often filled with wonderful custom animations prepared for mobile apps. However, such projects get implemented in real products very rarely. There is even a popular belief that all of the most stunning mobile designs on Dribbble can’t be used in apps, due to the difficulty and time needed to code them.

How we made it happen

PlayGround proves that with the cooperation of great designers and skillful developers, everything is possible. The set of three modules pushes the boundaries of mobile animations that are both beautiful and usable. We want others to get inspired by PlayGround, so everyone can download the source code, modify it, and even use it in another project free of charge.

Key Functionalities


Fluid Tab Bar

The tab bar allows navigating between different sections of an app quickly and intuitively. The biggest challenge was to perfectly reflect our designers’ concept animation and transform it into a working, efficient code frame by frame. We were able to achieve perfect fluidity of the animation both on iOS and Android

 Fluid Tab Bar

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