10Clouds Featured as a 2018 Clutch Global Leader

30.11.2018 | 3 min read

With over 9 years of experience, 10Clouds has produced top quality applications for over 100 happy clients. As many of them know, we build relationships on trust. We take pride in our code and products and there’s no better way to measure our success than by our client relationships.

With 28 reviews on our Clutch profile, we are proud to announce that 10Clouds has been featured in Clutch’s annual Global research across multiple categories. Not only were we named one of the top web development companies, but also received honors for having the top blockchain developers and AngularJS developers.

Clutch uses a ranking algorithm that incorporates different data points from directories, that include ratings, projects, and pricing. Most importantly, Clutch values customer reviews. These reviews have been verified and extensively researched to provide the most accurate and thorough investigation into company projects. As a resource, reviews provide us with important insights into our products and give potential clients a great way to learn about our company.

Let’s Hear From Our Clients

Our clients have especially highlighted our technical talent and high-quality services:

“The overall quality of the platform is excellent, and we’ve received very positive feedback from users, specifically about the design.”

“10Clouds can always find the best developer for a project. I’m often impressed by the quality of work they deliver. I appreciate their knowledge, discipline, code of conduct, and creativity. So far, 10Clouds has been the best engineering development company I have used. I’ve learned so much from them.”

“I have a lot of experience in design and advertising, and in my opinion, the team is top quality in its field. I couldn’t be happier with their way of communicating as well as their designs, and how they handled my comments when I disagreed with them. It was a very comfortable and professional process.”

If you want to watch video testimonials, head over to this article, where we asked some of our clients from multiple industries the same question – “how is it to work with 10Clouds?”. You can also check out our case studies, where we describe our work on some of the most exciting projects.

There’s More: The Clutch 1000 List

Thanks to the amazing feedback we have collected throughout the years, Clutch has included 10Clouds in The Clutch 1000 – a list of the top performing B2B companies in the entire world. These firms were selected based on their superior level of dedication and commitment to their clients. With over 42,000 companies considered, we are extremely proud to announce that 10Clouds was included in The Clutch 1000.

We would like to take a moment to thank our clients that took the time to review us on Clutch. We dedicate ourselves to providing effective solutions to all our clients’ needs. We have worked with high-profile customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, who value our emphasis on communication, team work, and productivity.

If you’re looking for a partner that can develop excellent, specialized, applications, contact us today! We have a vast experience in design, blockchain, mobile & web development, and DevOps. See what we can do for you!

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