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02.02.2018 | 4 min read

Working with 10Clouds is like having a well-organized, scalable internal team that is passionate and committed to achieving your goals. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what our clients have to say.

10Clouds is a leading software development and design company. Our team has built and designed solutions for more than 90 businesses worldwide. Thanks to this experience, we are sure that the quality of our work will satisfy even the most demanding clients. However, we can say all we want. The truth is our own words won’t be as valuable to you as those coming directly from our customers. That’s why we interviewed a few of them – and here is what they said about cooperating with us. Each story covers different project with different needs and different expectations. Be sure to check the ones that suit you best, and if you are ever in need of a team like ours, do not hesitate to contact us.

Iplay Sport: Working on a strict deadline

  • Vibrant sports fan and athlete community
  • MVP built in just 12 weeks
  • Improved registration process conversion

Iplay Sport is a social platform created by sports lovers for sports lovers. The app helps athletes build their brand and is a powerful career management tool. In this project, 10Clouds took care not only of the software but also the entire branding. Our team completed the design and built an MVP in just 12 weeks.

Per Malmqvist, CEO of Iplay Sport, was amazed by the fact that his idea turned so quickly into reality. Despite the strict deadline, he doesn’t remember seeing the app crashing even once at the release day. The key to success was passion, commitment and working closely together. As Malmqvist said, “You can do your work, but if you add passion to it, you’ll get better results.” Wanna know more about Iplay Sport and their experience with 10Clouds? Take a look at the case study and watch the video below:

CallerSmart: Scalability as a winning formula in long-term partnerships

  • 3 year partnership
  • 10Clouds delivered web and mobile apps
  • The product gathered over 500,000 registered users

David Crane’s new project was supposed to be a telephone number directory, which helps users avoid unwanted calls and texts. Having a bad experience managing freelancers working in different time zones, he was looking for a talented team based in a single location to deliver his vision. He ended up cooperating with 10Clouds for over three years.

His work with 10Clouds turned out to be so satisfying that he recommended our company to over 10 of his friends. The part that he valued the most was the ability to scale the resources in the middle of the process. “It’s like Amazon Web Services – you can scale up and scale down […] You have a trusted pool of resources here in 10Clouds – no matter if you want a designer or iOS developer”. The result of our collaboration were the mobile and web apps. As of now, CallerSmart has over 500,000 registered users. Check out the case study on our website and watch the whole interview below:

Trust Stamp: Internal-like team for state-of-the-art technologies

  • Advanced facial authentication technology
  • Developing required the usage of blockchain, machine learning and computer vision
  • Major US bank already uses the solution provided by Trust Stamp

Trust Stamp provides a revolutionary facial authentication technology, which can put an end to identity frauds and money laundering. In a system already employed by banks, users confirm their identity by taking “secure selfies” with their smartphones or webcams. Developing such a solution was only possible thanks to state-of-the-art technologies – blockchain, machine learning and computer vision.

Every step in the process seemed like a challenge, so Trust Stamp looked for the best: – We wanted someone who could think through the design, advise us on the best way that the product should be built, and then execute – says Gareth Genner, company’s co-founder – Now we don’t feel that we work with 10Clouds. We feel like every member involved in this project is a member of our team – he adds. It proves that constant communication via Slack and video chats is a cornerstone of successful teamwork.

Scott Francis, Trust Stamp’s CTO, managed to overcome his initial distrust towards outsourcing thanks to 10Clouds. He has previously worked in Google, a company famous for its fast-paced nature, and he hasn’t noticed any slowdowns after teaming up with 10Clouds. He was pleasantly surprised by our technical acumen, our team’s English skills and wise management based on Agile methodology. He admits that 10Clouds combine very high quality with competitive pricing.

GoSeqIt: Understanding the vision from the very beginning

  • 10Clouds developed web tools and infrastructure for genome sequencing based microbial diagnostics
  • GoSeqIT provides microbiologists worldwide with the weapon for fighting infectious diseases
  • The end product turned out to be much better than anticipated – says GoSeqIT CEO

GoSeqIt gives microbiologist all around the world the access to DNA sequencing. This technology helps to fight infectious diseases but requires using complex algorithms and high-performance computing. GoSeqIt provides both through a cloud. What connected a spin-off project of the Technical University of Denmark with a Polish development company?

Mette Voldby Larsen was on a lookout for the outsourcing company with experience in Python and Django. Thanks to our good reviews, she came across 10Clouds. What struck her the most was the fact that 10Clouds seemed to understand her vision and gave her useful suggestions from the very beginning – even before signing the deal. She says that the end product was definitely much better than she anticipated.

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