10Clouds Becomes the AWS Select Partner

18.12.2023 | 3 min read

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We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved AWS Select Partnership status, marking a new level of cloud expertise and commitment at 10Clouds. Our journey has been fueled by our dedication to delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions, and this milestone enhances our ability to serve you with even more robust and innovative services.

With core capabilities in cloud-native product design and development, and application migration to AWS with app modernization, we are strategically positioned to propel your business forward through transformative cloud technology.

What Does Being a Select AWS Partner Mean to the Clients?

Now, you can experience another level of 10Clouds' expertise in your cloud-based products.

Expert insight

Leverage our AWS-accredited technical team's deep industry knowledge for your cloud solutions.


Access tailored solutions designed for budget-friendly cloud transitions and operations.

Innovative solutions

Harness the power of the latest AWS services to create cloud-native applications that set market trends.

Streamlined migration

Trust in structured and secure application migration pathways to modernize your infrastructure on AWS.

Ongoing support

Enjoy the peace of mind with our prioritized AWS support and dedicated customer service.

Enjoy New Opportunities

As AWS Select Partner, we wield advanced cloud capabilities that elevate the design and development of applications. Our expertise ensures your projects are led by technicians recognized for their proficiency and skills within AWS environments.

It also empowers us to provide you with AWS cost optimization tools and credits. This means more savings as we design and implement efficient infrastructure that fits your budget without compromising on performance.

Besides, AWS Select Partnership gives us a front-row seat to the newest AWS services and features. You can reap the benefits as we implement the freshest, most dynamic cloud-native solutions that drive industry innovation.

Our refined methodologies for application migration to AWS ensure a transition that’s not just smooth, but also upgrades your applications with the latest in cloud technology. Modernization is integral, not an afterthought.

The direct access to AWS’s wealth of technical support resources and expertise we now have means that your concerns and needs are addressed even more effectively.

Our Latest Projects in the AWS Cloud

We provide DevOps, DevSecOps, SOCaaS, cloud integration, custom software development and other services to our clients. See some of the recent projects we have delivered.

Zexus Finance

Zexus offers diversified NFT financing solutions with innovative features. One of the standout traits of Zexus Finance is the option for permissionless and customizable operations. We provided product design, AWS integration, developed a Python application to service the backend, and setup Kubernetes environment for Zexus.


DCLEX contracted us for the full design and development solution of their blockchain-based stock market platform. The scope of AWS services we provided included Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Relational Database Service (RDS), ElastiCache (Redis), Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amplify.

Work With Us

Our AWS Select Partner status is more than a badge of honor—it's a commitment to delivering unparalleled cloud-based solutions. Whether it's through cloud-native application design and development or strategic application migration with modernization, our partnership with AWS paves the way for your business to thrive in the cloud era.

Reach out to us today to discover how our enhanced capabilities can ensure your success and security in the cloud.

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