10Clouds with three new Clutch awards!

13.12.2022 | 3 min read

Clutch 2022 award trophy

Christmas came early this year. Three new trophies from Clutch just arrived at 10Clouds, which is a great confirmation of our commitment this year - and a wonderful prospect for the incoming year 2023!

10Clouds at 22nd in 1000 Global Companies 2022 by Clutch

It’s a thrill to announce that we have received the 2022 Clutch award for the Top 1000 Global Companies - being seated at the astonishing 22nd place! Clutch is the world's leading independent reviews platform which helps connect corporate clients with the right service providers. Their annual awards cycle is widely expected.

The Clutch 1000 is a step up from the usual Clutch awards, wherein they rank and list the best 1000 companies globally. The only way to get one of these is if a business affects many people consistently over a long time. For a business to be named a 2022 Clutch 1000 leader, they need to do an outstanding job for clients to give genuine reviews that can pass a strict confirmation process.

"In short, we're on cloud.. ten! Being recognized by Clutch as one of the global top 1000 companies and scoring the 22nd place in it wildly reaffirms us. It says we can provide the best experience to our customers on a level that the biggest B2B review site in the world views as a benchmark. If that's what others think we do, then, well - we will continue doing just that." - said Maciej Cielecki, CEO at 10Clouds.

“10Clouds has managed the project well and communicated clearly via Slack and Google Meet. They’ve assigned a strong, responsive team to our project.” – Executive, Music Company

Clutch 2022 awards - 10Clouds among B2B Leaders in Consulting and Web development

If that didn’t feel like enough, we have been placed at the 9th position in the B2B consultancy ranking of Clutch 2022 Leading Global Developers and IT Services Providers for 2022. Consultancy, especially in the blockchain and fintech sectors, is one of our building blocks, so it is especially important to us that Clutch noticed the values we bring to our clients.

On top of that, we have been recognized in an area especially important to us from the point of view of design. 10Clouds scored the 5th position in the Clutch 2022 Leading Global Top Global Business Services Providers in Web Development category.

We take web development very seriously and walk clients through every step of the way. We assess projects, analyze the competition, and provide advice on the technology stack, architecture, features, and post-launch improvements. With our expertise in web application development, clients’ products can become a successful revenue generator.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and partners who helped make this happen. We are incredibly thankful to our clients who took the time to leave us a review on our profile on Clutch! Without your trust and support, we wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone now.

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