10Clouds Joins Aleph Zero's Ecosystem Funding Program as an Official Partner

21.04.2023 | 2 min read

10Clouds has announced that it's joining forces with Aleph Zero's Ecosystem Funding Program. By working together, the blockchain consultancy can support Web3 startups with the best possible tools, knowledge, and resources they need to grow and scale their businesses.

Aleph Zero is one of the fastest blockchain solutions in the world. Highly scalable and including privacy preserving features it focuses on enterprise adoption of Web3 solutions. Aleph Zero Foundation and its partner network have introduced the Ecosystem Funding Program that goes beyond enterprise focus. It supports developers and business founders on multiple fronts, to help them succeed while pursuing ideas that contribute to the blockhain adoption on a mass scale.

The partnership between 10Clouds and Aleph Zero's Ecosystem Funding Program is a significant milestone in the cooperation of both companies. 10Clouds is Aleph Zero’s business partner since 2021providing IT consulting and system integration (SI) for the privacy-enhancing layer-1 solution

10Clouds Offering for Program Beneficiaries

As an official program partner, 10Clouds will provide expertise in design & development services that aims to help projects launch successfully. Whether it is by creating a product roadmap, strengthening product ownership, generating wireframes, creating the UI and animation, up to strengthening the development team with the right tech capabilities.

"As a leading enterprise blockchain company, Aleph Zero has proven its commitment to supporting and building the Web3 ecosystem, and we're honored to be part of this effort. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support companies within the program, and to developing an even stronger relationship with Aleph Zero. With our combined resources, we are confident that we can help take the Web3 ecosystem to new heights," said Maciej Cielecki, CEO of 10Clouds.

New Heights for the Web3 Ecosystem

The funding program is intended to encourage innovation and the creation of a strong, vibrant community around A0's blockchain infrastructure. Each project that joins can get a grant of up to $500,000 and access to the Aleph Zero Foundation's pool of startup capital and network of incubator partners.

“We believe it is of paramount importance to provide teams incubated within the Ecosystem Funding Program with all they need to launch their project and become a successful startup that uses Aleph Zero technology. That goes well beyond funding, and we’re excited to have 10Clouds joining the program, assisting projects with their expert know-how and services,” says Magda Oleksy, Ecosystem Lead at Aleph Zero.

Additionally, start-ups participating in the program will receive exposure to potential customers and investors, increasing their chances of success. Selected projects will also gain access to Aleph Zero's mentorship to help build successful and sustainable businesses.

What does the A0 Program Have to Offer?

The three crucial components of the program include:

  • Grant program by the Aleph Zero Foundation
  • Incubation by the partner network
  • Follow-up angel and venture capital investments

A number of projects working on important developments are already supported by the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program:

  • Abax is a loan protocol for substrate-based blockchains that is based on liquidity pools or lending pools and an innovative risk management model written in ink!
  • ArtZero is an NFT marketplace built on Aleph Zero that makes getting digital items easy and quick.
  • AZERO Domains is the best service for domain names on Aleph Zero.

Discover the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program today! To gain insight into developing Aleph Zero, check out the Dev Portal or stay connected with the community.

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