10Clouds with new AI awards from Clutch

01.12.2023 | 2 min read

10Clouds has once again been recognized for our innovation and quality of work by receiving two new recognitions from Clutch, placing us amongst the top 10% companies this Fall on the world’s most notable review platform.

We have been recognized with the prestigious #ClutchGlobal and #ClutchChampion awards, honoring our excellence in not only traditional fields but also in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence.

As part of this coveted recognition, our advancements in the AI sector have been highlighted with specific focus on:

• Artificial Intelligence

• Chatbots

• Machine Learning

• Natural Language Processing

For us, it is a sign that reaffirms the fact that 10Clouds is today a standout provider of custom software that offers cutting-edge solutions to the AI users. The recent opening of our AI Labs is another step into solidifying our market position. Do check what it is about.

Our team's specialized skills in AI technology and development haven't gone unnoticed. Clients continue to appreciate our commitment to their projects, walking them through each phase and offering consultancy on aspects like technology stack, architecture, features, and competition analysis.

"10Clouds made sure that our vision of implementing AI is in line with the business goals of the entire platform. By employing a product delivery manager, we are able to remove time blocks as soon as they occured in our projects. Some solutions inspired by the 10Clouds AI team will enable us to create unique solutions using the influence of AI." - Ada Jakimowicz, Founder at WellOverAll app.

Bringing AI usability to its limits

That said, we are incredibly proud of this achievement. An acknowledgment from Clutch in such important and groundbreaking categories speaks volumes about our team and the quality of services we offer.

We are truly grateful to all our clients and partners who have made this achievement possible for us.

10Clouds is eagerly looking forward to taking on new projects, further honing our skills, and driving our clients' success. It’s our passion.

If you're seeking a proficient and dedicated team to develop a custom AI product, look no further. At 10Clouds, we'll gladly make it work.

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