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Taking Business to the Next Level

You might find it hard to boost productivity, cut costs, and make money. With the help of our blockchain experts, you will quickly reach your goals.

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Complete Service Advisory

Impressing investors with the merit of your ideas can be a struggle. Using our expertise in developing blockchain-based solutions, you will strike a chord.

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Adding Skillset To Your Team

If you're out of ideas for how to meet deadlines and make good use of the tech stack, our team of more than 200 accomplished experts will help you out.


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As a blockchain development company, we're keen on working together on numerous levels to get a solution that exceeds the customer's expectations at the corporate level.

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Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales
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Dawid Walas
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Selected success stories

A brand new app makes a big splash when it first comes out. But little do people know about what goes on behind the scenes during the development process, which is where the idea takes shape. See how things turned out with the projects we helped grow.


Earnity is a Silicon Valley community-based crypto platform and marketplace where users can learn about crypto through the community and share, buy, gift, or create collections of cryptos. It provides users with an easy-to-use and accessible platform for earning, learning, and collecting their favorite crypto assets. Users can also create their one-of-a-kind collection or select from themed assortments created by Earnity community members.

Web Development
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Firm ground and trust are the basics in the world where value is attributed to a line of code. Especially, when that code is supposed to represent gold. Qenta (former Emergent), a fintech company, wanted to create a gold-backed stable coin (G-Coin) and a verified supply chain for trusted gold. Ultimately, 10Clouds helped Qenta create an alternative to cash with responsibly sourced, digital gold.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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The platform offers users 100x higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts with up to 6% APY, no minimums and no hidden fees.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Crescent case study image

Blockchain development process

Blockchain development process


Smart contract implementation

Here is when the business logic is being created as a smart contract code. Has to be simple, resilient, and gas-optimized.


Next, we implement the code that tests the smart contracts’ code - we have to be sure that all edge cases are covered and the smart contract is fast, resilient, and will last forever at high performance.

Code Review

At this stage, a fresh pair of eyes check our work above to catch any spot that could be missed by authors.


Since smart contracts cannot be changed after they've been deployed, we give an audit to an outside group that will do fuzzy tests, vulnerability checks, and performance checks. Just in case.

10C Product Delivery Lifecycle

We change the way we deliver and put the value of the product at the center of the whole blockchain development process. We work with companies at every stage of a product's life cycle, from figuring out the product strategy to scaling up and keeping market share.

Eventually, we are here to make sure that your product is in a full swing.

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We want to understand the problem, and the client, and define a solution

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We verify the initial product strategy for the market with our future customers

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We deliver your product and prepare metrics to validate the assumptions

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We scale and optimize your solution. Also, take care of the growing number of users

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We focus on customer satisfaction and sustaining market share

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Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales

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Blockchain Development Services

DeFi Smart Contract Development
DeFi Token Development
DeFi Dapp Development / DeFi Crypto Banking
DeFi Wallet Development / Configuration
NFT marketplace (whitelabel)
DAOs / Governance Platforms
Play-to-earn Games
Internal Security Audits
DeFi infrastructure configuration


Adding the right pieces to your tech stack is a key part of making your project a success. We have everything you need to build and keep up your product and make sure it gets noticed.

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A programming language designed for developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum.

Check our blog to learn more about blockchain use cases

Other services to scale your growth

Dennis Van der Vecht picture
Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales

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