10Clouds to launch a new entity - it’s a key milestone in our strategy

09.12.2022 | 3 min read

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Placed at the nexus of the financial and technological sectors, the new company going by the name of 10Clouds Financial Institutions will be leading the way. At the same time, the existing business will continue to function under the name of 10Clouds SA, both operating under the umbrella of the 10Clouds Group.

10Clouds Financial Institutions - aiding the banking sector

10Clouds Financial Institutions will focus on providing IT development and consulting services to clients such as banks, leasing companies, lending companies, etc. In its portfolio it also has the Virtual Branch product - an online banking platform, and other products that help in building digital financial institutions.

- Our mission is to support our clients and partners through business consulting services - strategic advisory, product discovery, and process design and optimization. On top of that, we provide technology consulting, custom and globally recognized design and develompent, and last but not least - customizable off-the shelf products for financial institutions, Virtual Branch being the first building block of our own fintech products - said Karol Stępień, who is now stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer and company’s shareholder, and will be responsible for its growth.

Through 10Clouds Financial Institutions we want to leverage our value proposition with the expertise of our Partners and other great people from companies like Stripe, Airwallex or Mastercard. It is their insights about Virtual Branch development that helped us to move forward.

I am pleased to announce that Karol Stępień is taking on the role of CEO and stakeholder of 10Clouds Financial Institutions. I have had the pleasure of working with Karol for the past 2.5 years, and I have seen firsthand his expertise in the fintech industry, as well as his dedication and talent as an entrepreneur. I am confident that he will lead the new company to continued success. - said Maciej Cielecki, CEO at 10Clouds SA.

10Clouds SA and 10Clouds Financial Institutions are two companies, which are now part of the 10Clouds Group. Both companies are strategic allies and will be working closely for mutual success. Both will continue to develop their own Teams, who will be in close collaboration.

10Clouds SA and 10Clouds Financial Institutions are strongly allied and will work together to achieve our common goals. The companies will maintain distinct teams, but will ensure close cooperation and communication. We can’t wait to see more great products brought to life by our developers and designers.

There have been several major organizational changes at 10Clouds recently. In November, we adopted the status of a joint stock company, whereas earlier in 2022, Małgorzata Pietraszewska, our Head of People, took up the role of the Member of Board. Those are great milestones for 10Clouds in terms of implementing our strategy.

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