Coming Up: the Most Unusual Polish Designers’ Meetup

13.10.2016 | 2 min read

Something exciting in the design community is about to begin. LOUDS, the new meetup for creative minds, is coming on October 26th in Warsaw. This edition’s main theme will be Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. All design lovers are welcome. Let’s brainstorm. Let’s work together. Let’s get loud!

Design plays a crucial role at 10Clouds. As a team, we know that design is based on conversation, observation, and mutual inspiration. On sharing experiences and listening to others. We decided to start an experiment: we want to build a community of people passionate about designing the reality around them.

This is how LOUDS was born – a meetup combining a brainstorming session, creative work and opinion exchange. We form a community who want to make design better. Anyone who is fascinated with design can join, both professionals and casual enthusiasts.

Let’s make some noise around design

The main thought we had in our minds was to speak out about design. Make it loud! To get things going, we invited those who step out of the crowd with their fresh outlook on design and new technologies. Those who are truly passionate about their work. Those who make things bold and loud.
During LOUDS, they are ready to share experiences, search for new solutions, experiment, take risks.

There’s nothing usual and static about LOUDS. It’s a “right here, right now” type of event. No limits or strict rules. Let’s meet in places that go together with good design and represent true beauty. The first edition of LOUDS will take place in Fort Sokolnickiego Art Center in Żoliborz, Warsaw.

What to expect at LOUDS #1

We start with a discussion panel at 7 pm, featuring three speakers from different environments and backgrounds. They’re going to exchange thoughts, ideas and challenges regarding virtual and augmented reality.

At about 8 pm we get the workshop started. Let’s mix up, clash minds, experiment and create something new together. Feel free to bring any materials you want: laptops, tablets and modelling clay are equally welcome. Our guests will be there to support and inspire you as mentors.

An hour later we’ll wrap up the results of the group work and present them to each other. But that’s not the end – let’s stay together for some networking and an afterparty!

It’s time to meet the speakers of the first LOUDS meetup:

Check out our LOUDS Facebook event to find out what’s up and who’s going. If you like what you see (and we’re super happy about it) and think “I want to be there!”, let us know by signing up to the LOUDS email list.

See you on Wednesday, October 26th!

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