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Build your Mobile Application: iOS, Android, React Native

Our experienced team delivers extraordinary mobile apps for iOS and Android. We will make the most out of your idea and help your company win!

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How Could We Help Your Company?

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More Users

Mobile devices generate over 50% of all web traffic worldwide and up to 80% in some of the countries. Mobile-first trend is only getting started.

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Higher Engagement

Mobile users spend about 90% of their time in-app and only 10% on websites. App guarantees better retention.

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Bigger Market

Mobile app revenues already exceeded 100 billion USD yearly - this includes in-app purchases and advertising. Products bought via smartphone are worth 10% of all retail revenue in the US!

Some of our Mobile Projects


social game

Royals is a popular social media game based on dynamic user interactions. Actions happen in real time, so smooth experience is crucial - that's why we used a scalable AWS infrastructure. 10Clouds also made the entire backend and took care of the design and development of the iOS app.




CallerSmart is a telephone number directory that makes phone communication easier to manage. Our advanced algorithms automatically gather phone number data from multiple sources to determine name, workplace, and location associated with the number. The app was featured on Huffington Post, Mashable and Buzzfeed..


Zapp RideShare


Zapp RideShare is a personal electric cycle rental service operated using a mobile app. Users can locate, rent and ride electric scooters to commute around their cities or university campuses. 10Clouds built Zapp’s mobile apps from scratch, providing smooth user experience and eye-catching design.

Zapp RideShare

Why 10Clouds?

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Complex Services

We can take care of front-end, back-end, design, branding and maintenance of your app - all with the highest quality and smooth communication between our companies.

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Tailor Made for iOS and Android

We develop apps with platform-specific functionalities and guidelines in mind to provide the best possible experience for both iOS and Android users.

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Amazing Apps Delivered Quickly

We use multiple industry leading solutions to deliver reliable, beautiful and easy-to-use apps in a short time span.

The Process - How do we Build Your App?

We can work with you on three different stages. During the exploration stage, together, we define your needs, later we build end to end solution for you, and finally, we provide maintenance and support for your app.

Product Discovery WorkshopsTeam ExtensionR&D WorkshopsScoping SessionConsultationProduct DevelopmentMVPProduct Maintenance & SupportEND TO END SOLUTIONSEXPLORATION

Technologies - What do we Use to Build Your App?

Mobile application development involves skill and expertise in iOS and Android technical nuts and bolts. That’s exactly what we deliver when we work on your product. Our team uses up-to-date, reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


Mobile operating system working on Apple hardware.


Open source mobile operating system.

React Native

Framework allowing to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.


Programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.


Statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications.


Programming language being a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

Do you want to build your mobile application with 10Clouds?

Feel free to contact us - we will discuss the possibilities!

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