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Mobile Development

It’s no secret that mobile devices are a part of people’s everyday life and growth-oriented entrepreneurs understand people as potential users of their product. At 10Clouds we have a simple goal - manufacturing excellent-working iOS and Android apps that go beyond your users’ expectations. Ensure your app’s successful delivery by hiring a reliable mobile application development company.

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    Smooth smartphone applications

    Make your application accessible anytime, anywhere. Leave the hard work to 10Clouds iOS and Android development team. No matter if you need a native or hybrid app, we’re here to assist.

    Irresistible tablet applications

    Tailor-made tablet applications provide your users with a remarkable product experience in various areas: education, business, fun, lifestyle. Let us join you in achieving this goal using the latest mobile development technologies.

    State-of-the-art Internet of Things software

    Take your business to the next level with Internet of Things: beacons, biological sensors, machine-to-machine solutions, and many more. We value thinking outside the box, and that’s what 10Clouds mobile developers do to bring your idea to life.

    Innovative Wearable Solutions

    Saying “the future is now” about wearables would be a mistake. Perceiving them as future is a mistake - this is now. Which is why we’re keen on developing unique applications for wearable devices powered by iOS or Android.

    iOS showcase

    We are proud to develop a unique iOS app that helps improve the lives of women with gestational diabetes. GlucoseMama is the vision of Catherine Jones, the author of the Mom’s Choice award-winning nutrition-cookbook, Eating for Pregnancy. The HIPAA-compliant app serves as a complete digital therapeutic software system that allows users to self-manage their condition and securely share data with healthcare providers.

    GlucoseMama mobile application supports future moms with gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. The platform involves a system to manage daily glucose tracking, carbohydrate intakes, dietary recommendations, and it offers live chat support with certified diabetes educators. These key features were combined with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to create a mobile health tool praised by patients and doctors alike.

    Android showcase

    Meet Iplay, a social media app that focuses solely on the sports community. Per Malmqvist, former handball professional, came up with an idea of a communication tool for professional and semi-professional athletes to keep in touch with their fan base and manage careers. The Android version of the app was built after the launch of its iOS twin. iPlay received a very warm welcome at the App Store and this triggered Per to start a new mission - to rock Google Play!

    Our main goal was to make the experience with Iplay as easy and smooth as possible: both for the regular users and super users. Thanks to the united forces of developers and designers, Iplay has got it all: intuitive UX, pixel-perfect design and bulletproof code.

    87% Millennials keep the phone by their side at all time, day or night
    90% Apps take 90% of users’ time on mobile devices
    2,8h People spend per day with digital media on mobile
    50% of Facebook global community are mobile-only users

    Our average score at Clutch is


    Our technology

    Mobile application development involves skill and expertise in iOS and Android technical nuts and bolts. That’s exactly what we deliver when working on your product.


    The flexible programming language to build applications for any Apple device.


    The core programming language for building Android applications.


    The primary programming language for iOS application development.

    We have been working with

    Companies from all around the world entrusted us in their web application development. Here is just a sample of clients we had a pleasure to cooperate with:

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