Have an idea for a mobile product? We'll build it in 40 days!

Want to save time, cost and minimize risk? An MVP is the right choice for you! We’ll build a fully functioning app prototype, ready to deploy in 40 days.

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Users abandon 77% of mobile apps within 3 days from download. Why?

Among top failure reasons there are:

  • Lack of market need (42%)
  • Weak product core (19%)
  • Poor business model (17%)

When launching a mobile app, most challenges revolve around finding and validating product-market fit. Often, companies invest a lot of time and resources into untested business concepts, spend money on expensive tech and fail to deliver real user value.


So, how can you navigate the ocean of difficult decisions to set your app up for success?

Save time and reduce risk by building an MVP app.

Test your key business concepts early on

An MVP enables you to test your business idea. By offering this simplified version instead of a full-blown product, you can test your hypotheses, gather user feedback, get your product to market fast, and keep the costs down.

Convince investors with a strong business case

the more features you add to the app, the higher its cost. But you don’t need nice-to-have-features to demonstrate a product’s market validity. A functional and well-tested MVP helps to build a business case that has the power to convince investors.

Get a head start with evolving your product

an MVP allows you to build up a user base early on and learn what works (and what doesn’t). This critical information will help you make strategic decisions about the next iterations of your product - for example, which features to add and which ones to toss aside. That way, you’ll allocate your budget in functionalities that help to increase sales and ROI.

Create an MVP for marketplace submission in 40 days!

Leverage our experience

At 10Clouds, we’ve delivered over 30 mobile apps to clients operating across different industries. That allowed us to craft a perfect combination of:

  • Business analysis
  • UI/UX design (over 30K followers on Dribbble)
  • Development
  • Quality and assurance
  • Product delivery management

We can deliver a fully functional mobile app in 40 days. In less than 8 weeks, your mobile app will be ready for submission to the Google Play Store and App Store. Our Product Delivery Managers will give you the experience your app needs to rock the world and change the lives of your users!

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Tech stack we use

The 10Clouds team uses the following tech stack to deliver a functional MVP in 40 days:

  • Flutter and React Native, as the cross-platform development technologies that allow bringing an MVP to iOS and Android. That way, your app is developed by one team, saving you lots of time and money, and ensuring simultaneous releases.
  • Firebase from Google for statistics and storage. The technology is easy to scale, cheap to maintain, and comes with all the knowledge and experience of a tech giant.
  • Bitrise for Continuous Integration and testing. That’s how we automate the process of building your app, sending its iterations to testers and app stores. We respect your time and money.

Get your MVP app done in 40 days!

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Save time and money, reduce risk. Build an MVP with us!