Mobile Development Staff Augmentation

Are you a scale-up or enterprise with a well established software development life-cycle? Looking for mobile development experts to help you bring your new digital project to life? Or perhaps you want to revitalize your existing app? If so, our well-experienced and highly-skilled team is here to help.

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Why our developers are the right choice for your product:

We are all senior mobile developers with years of experience

All members of our team have 4-9 years of experience in native or cross-platform technologies, or both.

We have wide-ranging mobile projects under our belt

We’ve worked with companies all over the world including big names such as Orange, Baidu and Pinterest.

We integrate easily with your internal team

We all speak excellent English and have worked together as a team for years, sharing knowledge and constantly teaching ourselves the latest, cutting-edge technologies.

We work hard to understand your exact mobile development needs

We pride ourselves on taking a deep-dive into every brief to make sure that we fully understand your context and goals. We’ve also seen a lot of successes and failures so we’re well equipped to advise you on what works and what doesn’t.

We enable you to scale your resources as needed

We’re very flexible in our approach enabling you to engage our team members when you need them, without long-term commitment.

We cover many mobile technologies

We have experts in iOS and Android native technologies, as well as Flutter, React Native, Kotlin and Swift to name just a few.

Get to know 10Clouds’ Mobile App Developers

Senior iOS Developer

With five years’ mobile development experience including 3 in iOS, Alex is well versed in ecommerce and telecoms. Recent clients include Orange Flex.

Senior Android Developer

Dawid has extensive experience in Java, Kotlin, Flutter and more, and has worked in the fields of security, e-commerce, geolocation and biometrics.

Senior iOS/Flutter Developer

Hubert has 4 years of iOS experience and specializes in cryptocurrencies. Recent clients include Sherlock Waste and Arroe.

Senior Android/Flutter Developer

Jakub is an Android developer. He’s worked with a vast range of clients including, most recently, Mastercard.

Senior iOS & Flutter Developer

Kamil has 9 years of mobile dev experience and is an iOS expert. He has worked across many industries including e-commerce, sport, business/stocks and house rental.

Senior Android Developer

With 7 years of mobile development experience, Łukasz has worked with many clients including Mastercard, EnrouteQ and New Voice.

Senior iOS Developer

Patryk has worked across a broad range of industries including blockchain, fintech and surveillance. He is well versed in Flutter, React Native and Swift.

Senior iOS/Flutter Developer

With 7 years of experience, Tomasz is a Swift, Flutter and Bitrise pro and has worked with healthcare, blockchain and bitcoin clients.

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KeyForge is a new card game released by Fantasy Flight Games. 10Clouds built an official mobile and web application for it. With Master Vault, users can quickly scan their cards, add notes or track their stats.

Workplace efficiency app


Our client easily achieves immediate results in process optimization as well as long-term changes in an organization's culture by involving employees in joint problem-solving.

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