10Clouds x NBX, 4-5 December 2023

Scaling Startups with 10Clouds at NBX

Meet us at NBX Berlin, to discuss how to scale your startup and get to market.

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Elevate Your Startup with Our Blockchain Expertise

Elevate Your Startup with Our Blockchain Expertise

Smart Contract Development

Build trust with precision-engineered smart contracts for operational excellence.

NFTs & NFT Marketplaces

Capture the digital zeitgeist and monetize unique assets with a custom NFT platform.

DeFi Applications

Join the financial revolution, offering secure and accessible services for a decentralized future.

Strategic Advisory

Expert insight to give your startup a competitive edge in the blockchain domain.

Project Management Mastery

Our proven framework ensures flawless execution of blockchain-related projects from inception to launch.

Expert Team Augmentation

Scale efficiently by integrating our world-class technology and design experts into your team.

Discovery Workshops

Unlock your startup's potential with our bespoke workshops tailored to refine your vision and strategy.

Comprehensive Design Services

From compelling branding and landing pages to holistic UX discovery—our design prowess brings your ideas to life.

Blockchain-centered services that will make you stand out


Blockchain Use Cases

Start transforming industries around you with Web3 and blockchain technology.

Fintech Revolution

Streamlining financial transactions with encrypted ledger technology.

Smart Asset Management

Automating and securing asset logs with immutable blockchain records.

Supply Chain Innovation

Providing transparency and traceability from manufacturer to consumer.

Healthcare Data Integrity

Protecting patient records with blockchain-enhanced confidentiality.

Digital Identity Verification

Empowering users with self-sovereign identity solutions.

Creative Rights Protection

Ensuring artists and creators maintain control of their digital work.

Dennis Van der Vecht picture
Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales, Blockchain & Web3

Meet Dennis van der Vecht: Your Blockchain Beacon at NBX

Engage directly with our Web3 Lead to your startup's advantage. Dennis brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to supercharge your blockchain ventures.




Earnity is a Silicon Valley community-based crypto platform and marketplace where users can learn about crypto through the community and share, buy, gift, or create collections of cryptos. It provides users with an easy-to-use and accessible platform for earning, learning, and collecting their favorite crypto assets. Users can also create their one-of-a-kind collection or select from themed assortments created by Earnity community members.

Web Development
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Firm ground and trust are the basics in the world where value is attributed to a line of code. Especially, when that code is supposed to represent gold. Qenta (former Emergent), a fintech company, wanted to create a gold-backed stable coin (G-Coin) and a verified supply chain for trusted gold. Ultimately, 10Clouds helped Qenta create an alternative to cash with responsibly sourced, digital gold, using Solidity.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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The platform offers users 100x higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts with up to 6% APY, no minimums and no hidden fees.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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